Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Daddy finally had a 3 day weekend and we have not been doing anything so we decided it was a beautiful day to take the kids for a bike ride. These are their b-day present this year and it has been so crazy hot that they cannot go outside to ride their bike's. We can finally feel the weather changing here in Georgia and the kids love it. Isabella love's wearing her helmet and pads. I think its the little dare devil in her that get's her all giddy knowing she will ride her bike. Isaac is still learning and its his first big boy bike. He is still scared to take off the training wheel so we will give him time. It was great to just enjoy the day with the kids. As you can see in the picture we have a little hill and the kids were having a hard time. Jorge had to push Isabella the whole time cuz she still does not understand the concept of if you push back on the pedals you wont go no where and she not strong enough to push all the way by herself.

While everyone was riding their bikes and Daddy pushing the kids making sure they are ok, this is what I was in charged of! Usually they are so bad and bark at everyone and everything but they did really good. Even when a big pitbull started barking at them they just ignored him and kept walking. It was not long though before I hear "hey, its your turn to push I'll walk the dogs!" Great job daddy! I knew it, he gets tired and I end up pushing Isabella all the way home. The things you do for your kids. Man, those little bikes can inflict pain in the most uncomfortable places. Not to mention my back being in pain from bending to be able to push her forward. Those darn training wheels kept running over my foot and that little bone that sticks out from your ankle. And the worst part was I couldnt even get mad and when you get hurt like your natural reaction is to kick the damn thing. Lucky bike! Better be glad Isabella was still riding you or I would have kick the crap out of you is all I can think in my head. hehehe

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Gabrielle Beck said...

How sweet!

What a beautiful day to be outside riding bikes and walking the dogs.

Gabrielle from AMM :)