Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some pics to share!

This is my hubby's family. My mother in law, father in law their kids including hubby, myself and my kids. We took this before Omar had to leave back to Mexico. We always try to take family pictures and this time we were all there. It is our little happy family! The first picture is a serious one, but the second one would probably the one that describes us the best. LOL! The not so serious picture. We mess around too much and always have good time. I love that we don't take ourselves too seriously and find humor in everything that we go through! Dare I say this......I LOVE MY IN LAWS! : )
From top left: Omar, Ama Isabel, Manuel, Jorge and Emily.
From middle left: Allyssa, Jakob, Isabel, Me and Isaac
And the bottom two are Isabella and Lupita.

There you have you it. TFL!

My Little Shoebox Summer CHA Release

Here is my mini book using the NEW Imagine A Forest line from My Little Shoebox Summer CHA Release. We are sooo lucky to be sponsored by Clear Scraps and Maya Roads for our CHA projects. They sent us a bunch of their embellishments to work with. I love Imagine a Forest becuz it is sooo perfect for any kind of pics you need to work with. I took this pics of Isabella in March when the weather in Washing was starting to get warmer. It is a tribute to her love of anything Stuff Animals. You will have to excuse the pics I am using to post my work since I am on vacation and I am lucky enough to be able to use my FIL's computer, but he has to editing software in his computer. So the last two post with my projects pics are AS IS...not cropped or edited in anyway. TFL!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Here are the projects I created using NEW My Little Shoebox products, for Summer CHA coming at the end of the month in Florida. I am so lucky to get to work with Imagine a Forest Line and I was to create a 12x12, 8 1/2 x 11, 2 cards and a mini. I will update this post once I am done. I am still in the process of finishing it as I type. This is a first for me, to create projects and will be posted in the My Little Shoebox booth as samples. Weeeeeee! Sorry still giddy about it! Anyway.....hope you like them! TFL!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Downtown LA goodies!

So I don't know if you knew but I am in Cali for a month long vacay! Will tell and show you more pics later. Anyway, I am having a great time with the family and got to do a lil shopping at Downtown LA yesterday with the kids and my SIL! This was one of my MUST DO while here in do some shopping in LA. I know they have tons of goodies there. These are the pics to show you my goodies. Soooooo freakin excited to play with them. Yay!
I put my hand next to it as a reference to show you just how much is in there. You cant really tell how much if I don't do it.
Oooh I have so many plans for these clear flowers. They can go as is on a page of other flowers. YUM! This bundle for the whole bag was merely $5.00 It does not look a lot but believe me there is a TON in the bag. Well worth the money.

Look at these freakin butterflies. They look so GORGEOUS in person. The big ones were $5.00 a dozen, the middle size are $4.00 a dz. and the small once are $3.00 a dz. Do they remind you of new Prima butterflies??????? Babababy!
Look they already have the pearl centers and gem in them. Soo cool! These were Big size: $5.00 a dz., middle size $3.00 a dz. and small $1.50 a dz. WHAT UP?

These flower bundles are sooo cute and pretty. Small flowers were .50c a bundle and the big flowers were $1.00 a bundle
I have some trims and scrunched up ribbon in there that were ranging from .50c to $1.75 a yard. Not bad eh people? I luv wholesale prices don't you? I think I am good for a while. I am supposed to go back next week so I am looking for some vintage buttons for my next trip. I hope you enjoyed some of my eye candy!