Monday, June 30, 2008

Recent work

Using everything from A Million Memories Summer Passport July Kit for this LO of Isabella celebrating her first Fourth of July in 2004. She was only 3 weeks old!
The papers from the kit was just perfect for this picture and I could not resist. I refuse to scrap this picture until I knew exactly what I wanted, making sure I was gonna be happy with the outcome. And I am! I punch holes on the rounded corners and inserted the brown ribbon included in the kit to create a corner border. I used my own star and hearts button and put them in the middle of each flowers. Created a pocket behind the picture and the paper that you see that says POST CARD is where I have my journaling. It can pop in and out like a tag but it looks just like one of the background paper.

Friday, June 27, 2008

What's been going on?

A Million Memories July Kit Summer Passport is hot! I received my package early this week and I LUV, LUV, LUV, LUV, LUV it! Now I understand why people luv Jenny Bowlin and Making Memories so much. Not that I didnt! These are just gorgeous paper and perfect embelies. Although I would luv to dive in and start playing it has been a crazy week for me due to the kids bday party this past weekend and having kids over at the house all week and also showing the house and getting ready for an open house this Sunday. CRAZy! I know, right! Anyways just thought I'd share my new goodies (AMM July Kit). Just in case you want one of your own you can get them here:

Gorgeous huh? Anyway, I have some pictures that I am thinking of using for this. Our trip to New York City last summer would be perfect. So now I just have to find the time to go get them printed out, get the kids busy and play. Hhhm, I am so tired just thinking about it. That's my problem, I get too tired and no mojo. I need to get inspired. Ok I am off to drink my first cup of coffee, so I will go. Bye!
My friend Michelle and owner of A Million Memories is giving away a wonderful prize package to share the wonderful news of her daughter Chloe getting through her Chemo and now being in "Maintenance". This has been such a difficult time for everyone in the family and just really happy and excited with this new phase for Chloe. She is such a beautiful, vivacious and happy little girl! Here is a picture of Chloe during Easter this year and what Michelle had to say on her post at Just thought I'd share this story with you and hope you can find the time to pass by and support the Quinn family! I love you guys!As you probably already know, my daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia (ALL) last November at the age of 4. She and my family have been through a really rough last 7 months. She has been in the hospital numerous times, she has been really sick, angry, on all kinds of nasty drugs that have increased her apetite, had her physically acting out, had her in bed for weeks, left her with no emotion but sadness and a sense of joylessness. She was taken out of preschool and because of her illness we were unable to put our 3 year old son in preschool. The doctors worried that the kids would get sick in school and Chloe would end up in the hospital again.
However, today, she went for her weekly doctor's visit and her blood count was at a safe level and she was given the go ahead to begin the next phase of her treatment, which is called "Maintenance." In maintenance, her blood count levels stay significantly higher than they are when she was undergoing the intense treatment that she has been receiving in the first 7 months of her treatment. She will be able to begin Kindergarten and Daniel will be able to start Pre-school. We are really excited! Chloe will have a bone marrow test on Monday and then she will officially begin her first "course" of Maintenance, which will go on for the next 2 years.In celebration of Chloe's milestone, I wanted to give-away some goodies for you. (seen below)
Here's the catch ~ Please post here ( a photo that brings you joy when you look at it. I will pick a random winner on Monday, June 30th.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hey you!

Hi Lovely! Yea, I'm talking to you! Just wanted to give you a shout out!!! I know you are looking!

Photos from the Lake

These is my take on taking artsy pics. Not really good at it, but hey I am learning! Practice makes perfect! I am happy with how they turned out. I know I could probably do better and if I do photoshop, but what ever. This pictures are just as I took them no editing! Pretty cool for a beginner IMHO!

Here are some pics of my daughter. She loves taking pictures! And 90% of what I took was her. I just didnt it should all be her. But these are her pictures and she thinks she is a model, well she's my model!
She is definitely my diva! Picture below is all her, she did this pose that shock the crap out of me. Since when did she pose like this? I know daddy has a few questions for me when he see's this! Ok, it!
Had to tell the boys to splash water for me. Pic is of my son Isaac (in the middle), Mikey and Isabella!
We went to the lake last weekend with some friends and never got to post pics. So thought I'd share them. Here are a few of my fave's that I want to share.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Look what my hubby dug up!

My husband has recently learned how to make his own Myspace and he is an addict. He is in that thing seriously like everyday. I think it is soooo cute. Well last night, I came home from taking the kids to their swimming lessons and as soon as we walk through the door the first thing he says was " look what I found!" He had dug up our wedding pictures, this was before digital cameras was available to us, so they are just regular prints. And he told me he posted them on his myspace. Aaaaawwww!
He looked like he was choking me but he was really trying to kiss me!
Oh my gosh!!! This is the funniest picture ever! I didnt know about the military wedding tradition about getting spank, so this was my reaction when his Sergeant spank the crap out of me. Now you have to remember my dress is paper thin and this were real sabers! I was a little confused as to why they stopped us and thought maybe they are gonna pull a prank on him. But I guess I was the prank!! Duh! I dont know if you could see everyone's face showing them holding thier laughter but everyone was laughing. They didnt expect me to scream so loud. Can you see my mouth! OOOUUUUCHH!!!
This was definitely way before my baby making days. And I thought I was fat! CRAZZZZIIEE! How cute is Jorge in this picture. I LUV his smile!

This is what my baby used to do for the Army. He was an Airborne Medic and he loved it. I think if the Army allows him to keep jumping he would! I used to always tell him, you better not come home without your face paint!!! I just luv him coming him in full gear and face painted. It is SEXY!!!! hahahhaha

This was my baby in high school. I met him in our ROTC program @ Poly High! He was the commander in the male drill team and I was in the femal unarmed drill team. I fell in love him, when I saw him walking by the cafeteria in his uniform. And of course I had to join the ROTC program. Lol!

Creative Imaginations DT CHAT schedule!

A million memories is dedicating the whole month of July for Creative Imaginations. We are hosting a contest that could *WIN* you a spot as a Guest Desgner for CI. How cool is that! We are also hosting CHATS with some of the best artist and designer from CI. Here are the CHAT schedule:

Thursday, June 12 - Mara Johnson Chat - 9pm est
Tuesday, June 17- Samantha Walker Chat - 9pm est
Friday, June 20 - Karen Russell Chat -9pm est
Tuesday, June 24 - Christine Adolph Chat - 9pm est

So make sure to mark your calendars and visit us @ and join us for the chats with these amazing women!

July Kit Sneak Peek

Here is A Million Memories Kit for July! Lots of MM travel line. Cant wait for this looks like a fun kit. If you want to order or know more go here:

Friday, June 6, 2008


Hey you can go here: and get the free downloads A Million Memories is giving away. They are cool looking, they even had one of their DT's use it on her June Kit's LO. I will have to print them out and get some stuff done with them. Just dont have the time right now but that is in my TO DO list.
Here is a sample of one the Journaling spot:
See I told you they are cool. How cute is that? I can see this being used in your LO, projects like mini's and even cards. I am off to do some and post my work soon. Just thought I'd share.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

House 4 Sale!

As you all know my house is on the market, so my realtor recommended a while back to post pics of the house so that we can showcase the house more. You just don't know who might be looking. This was a month ago when I took the pics but today I had time to post them, so I figured it wont hurt to share. Hopefully we can sell the house before the Army moves us to Washington State. So here it is, with some indoor shots as well. Some pics are dark but I did my best.
Front of the house. And its too bad I took this a month ago, because now all those gardenia lining the front white fence are all blooming. It smells so good out there. You can just sit in the front in the shade and have a drink. It is so cool out there right now, I luv it. Fence in backyard.

I LOVE my kitchen. I enjoy cooking and this is where you will find me most of the time.
This is the formal dining room which we never used for that function and it made more sense using it as the family office/scrap room. I luv how I have the big window to see my son on and off the bus to school or when the kids are playing outside. To the right is the main front door entry and to the left is the half bath and a door to the kitchen and laundry room.
Living room. The doors in the back lead to the backyard.
Master bedroom.
Master bath. Walk in closet and toilet room not shown in pics.
Second floor.
2nd bath
First door to the right is Isaac's room.
Middle room is the bonus room.
Not shown are the attic, linen closet, walk in storage closet in the bonus, 2 clothes closet in playroom and stairway walk in storage room.
Isabella's room.