Tuesday, October 9, 2007

So today was a good day! I haven't been feeling good and today I felt better. So what would a mom and wife do when you feel better.....you do chores that you have not done since you felt sick. Yup! that's right I got so much accomplished today I am so proud of myself. Although my house is two story so really I still have upstairs to do tomorrow. Yuck! I hate lugging that damn vacuum upstairs and I am so tired of cleaning that same crap that I just finished cleaning up the week before. Sheesh, I wish I could throw all the toys away but what kind of a mom would I be?

So today I turned in my submission for Meredith's daily necessities challenge and will share them with you as well. This is an altered book I started 3 years ago. I put it away becuz I was not feeling it and know that one day I will get to finish it. It is funny that I started it 3 years ago becuz the challenge is based on a Monk's list of things to be or do to better yourself. I created this book just to create in it. No purpose but do what pleases me creatively. I like to feel it when I create. I like to feel good doing it and with this one I lost that feeling after I first started it. But I did not doubt what I started and knew that when the time was right it was gonna call me back and invite me to finish it.
It is a small book called Everything Religion.Huh?! weird huh....see how everything works in the world. I am always like that, I do things, pick up things here and there knowing one day it will have a purpose that I do not know yet and this book is one of those things. I feel good when I catch those moments, moments when I trusted my heart and creative mojo. It has not failed me yet! I might sound weird or just a hoarder or procrastinator but I do create many things that are not finished. I do not force things creatively, I like the flow when you create. If you are happy with what you create when it is done you will always love it no matter how long it has been since you made it.

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