Friday, May 14, 2010


You see how sorry I really am! I am making up my own words! ;)

I thought I posted the winners from the Blog Hop from All About Me challenge but I guess I didn't. What a freakin GOOBER I am! I hope you accept my apology. And becuz of my own fault and mess up I picked 2 names to give away new My Little Shoebox goodies instead of 1. I will also add other goodies in there just to make it up to you guys. I printed the names out and pulled 2 names out of a hat since I don't know how to do the Random Integer thingy on my blog. Note: Need to figure out how to do that!
So the winners are:
Dora and Terry
Also the Kit winner from the blog is:
Hope you emailed Melisa to claim your prize. I'm sure you have since I am sooo behind. DUH! Ok so girls, please email me (chenguna00 at hotmail dot com) your name and addy with subject title Challenge winner so I can send you your goodies! Again I am sooo sorry for taking sooo long posting this. Thank you so much for being so patient with me and not hating me....right right?