Thursday, October 18, 2007

Isabella's finished bedroom!

So I finally got to finish her room today. Yesterday I posted what her room looked like before I added the little nic nac I got for her room and also reposition certain things that were already there but were not being appreciated where they were at.Everything in her room is either refurbish, thrift store, free or 75% off. Bargain room for real!!! HALLA!
The heart shape door hanger I made from a pink boa she got for her 2nd bday. But every time you hold it, it leaves pink color in your hands and everything. But she loves it so I took a hanger and shaped that bad boy to as close a heart I could and wrapped the boa around the darn thing and WALA a heart door hanger. Its not even glued or anything it just stuck to it and that's all. C'mon ya'll you know that's Cleaver!!!! And she loves it and you know you are about to enter into a girly girl room!

This is what you will see as you walk in her room. Her bed used to be on the left wall and I moved it this way I think its more dramatic. Since she mostly plays in the TV room in the bonus room she really does not need a lot of room here. But she does have enough room on either side of the bed to do a she pleases.

This is the wall to her left. I picked up thos butterfly mirror with glass knob's to at ROSS and they were only $3.50 each. I used them to hang her growin bag collection. She has more but they are all over the place so this were still hanging from their original position so we just kept those and will add the other ones later. She loves this idea and she can see all her bag. She has also learn to use her little chair inside her closet to stand on and get her bag so she wont pull on the mirror hanger's. She is my smart girl! The cream picture frames are from Target when they were on sale for $3.00 each. Dog princess message board was given to her last xmas from my mother in law. She love's that dog she even slept next to it when she first got it thinking it was a pillow. The dog is wearing a crown with a little bling.

This is her wall to the right. The pink pillow, curtain, canopy and butterflies were all from Pier 1 kids when they were having their 75% off becuz they are closing all thier kids store. The canopy used to be $120 or $140 cant remember but I got for $20. Butterflies were originally $12 each bag and got for $3.00 I got 2 bags. That table on the bottom pic is against the wall and is from Ikea. I bought it from my cousin in Cali when we were moving back to Fort Bragg for Isaac's room. Which is now in Isabella's room. It is awesom cuz it is deep and whide and I can fit alot of her clothes. I will be painting it too but not right now. It is fine since its white.

This is what I was spray painting.... the toy bins. They used be primary colors and used Krylon pink satin color to change the color. I had forgotten about the big bins and I am not totally done painting them. I might have to buy 3 more cans of spray paint to make the color pink look better. I can still see the primary color but for the pictures sake I went ahead and put her stuff in there so you can see my vision. I was using a big all plastic bin to hold her stuff so she can just dump her toys when I tell he to clean up but I am trying to teach her how to organize her toys that should all go together instead of all mixed up. She loves it and she said I dont want to mess up my room. Yeah right! That bad boy will be mess by tonight. Specially my friend Gracie and her kids are coming here so Isabella and Trinity sure will have fun in that room.

This is her bedding and pillow up close. Even though the bedding and the pillow are totally from different company and pattern becuz they are both in the same family color they look good together. It was so big and roomy inside that I stuff 2 regular pillows in that dark pink one to fill it up. She uses it to lean against her back when she goes to bed and uses the one shown in the back for her head since its softer. This is her doggy that she loves and used to bark but now ran out of batter so I must fix that. Her bedding is from Rachel Ashwell collection from Target and got it (a year ago) when they had on sale which is not often . I also got a down feather comforter at Target that I got for $12.00 even though it is queen size I just folded a little bit of it to fit it in her twin size comforter cover thingy. I forget what you call it. Instead of buying new comforters all the time you can buy the ones that you can put your old comforter in so it is basically like a big pillow case and stuff with a comforter. Besides there is no way I could pay for those Rachel Ashwell shabby chic quilted comforter they have. But this will do just fine.

These are the upclosed pic of the butterfly in a bag I was talking about and I just safety pin it from the back to hold on to the canopy. I think it turned out cute!
So there it is my "Princess" room. And she love's it. She helped me with the stuff.. handing stuff for me and holding certain things and picking out her bags that she wanted displayed. She actually has more but I didnt see them until I took the pics and I am too tired to redo the pics. Some of the colors are a little blah not a very good light today. The only thing I need to do now is get her a rug for her floor. I have my eye on this rug at Target but I just cant see myself spending $99 mula for something you step on. Tell me what you all think. I


Gabrielle Beck said...

Beautiful! Fit for a Princess! :)


Jen Sue Wild said...

This makes me want to be a little girl again.

RiNNE said...

Awww...such a cute and pretty room. You did an awesome job!!!