Sunday, April 26, 2009

Forest Friends

Bought the forest friends paper pack a couple of months ago and have finally started playing with it. Now I am challenging myself to use it and use it all. I am really having fun just using up all the paper and nic nacs that come with it. That's my new motto just get it done and use it up!
Lay out 1:
LA Zoo pictures of my kids 4 years ago.
Using some more of my rub on stitching. Finally getting to use them after hoarding them for so long.

My own hand writing for the journaling spot.

Lay out 2:
These pics are so old but I really love them and wanted to scrap them. Perfect for my forest friends paper pack. Just happy I am getting it done and scrapping again.
Used some more of my old stitching rub ons. Been holding on to that stuff for so many years now. So glad I am finding ways to use it on my LO's.
Trying really hard to use up all those little journaling, letters and little add ons on that paper pack. I have 3 more LO's I finished last night from a last minute crop at a friends house. I still need to take some pics, so I will post those once I get the pics done.

My Little Shoebox Stuff!

A few of the stuff I have done this past couple of weeks that I have been too lazy to post. Nothing much, just simple stuff I created using some old stuff and freebies. I have been really challenging myself to use a lot of old stuff, old pics and things that I have purchased or hoarded. So as to not feel bad that I spent the money in the first place.
Lay Out 1:

By far my fave PP they have. A Little Birdie Told Me. I had so much fun playing with this PP. I thought I was not gonna be able to play with this at all but ended up loving it the most.
cut up the paper and used the saying for my journaling
Cut out all the birds in the cages and rearranged them in my page to use as accent or totally different look to the PP.

Lay out 2:
used my own hand writing for the journaling.
Lay out 3:
This LO is about Isabella's first time eating baby food (peas). I love these pics of her, she looked sooo little! Aaw my baby!
layered MLS sheers and buttons.
cut out PP and created a border effect on one side of LO. I used the same paper in different ways. I hate wasting paper so I try to use as much of it as I can.
I really challenged myself, making these pages. I wanted to layer them and use as much of the stuff as I can. Finding ways to use all the stuff was a fun and challenging. I am doing this to all my products now. To see how much of it I can use up so I wont end up hoarding it or holding on to it. Just getting stuff done. Fun!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Has it really been that long ago since I posted? Holy crap, where does time go?

I do have to admit that it's been really nice not to be attached to my computer. I find that I get to do a lot more things...... or not a thing at all and not feel bad. So computer time is at a premium so I have to maximize and really just look at or do what I need to do when I do get on. It's sad too, cuz I have really not been able to talk to friends or hang out at sites which I used to do everyday and now I don't at all! But I do try and make it up and log on here in there to say hello when I can. ; )

It's been pretty crazy here as far as our family schedule. Our normal routine is totally OFF and out of whack! It's nothing like Georgia. First off Isaac heads to school a lil early and gets home way too early for me. Like 2:30 pm instead of the 4:30 pm I am used to in Ga. I cant really do anything and if I head out at all I find that I don't have enough time to get to and get back without cutting it close and stressing about it so I choose to stay home. Jorge is getting up at 5:00 am and out the door 5:30 and 5:45 am and I usually get up with him to make his coffee and make sure he remembers to bring everything. (yea I know, he will forget everything if I don't remind him) LOL! But really besides helping him get is the only time I have with him through out the whole week. So I choose to get up and have that time with him. He has been working late and when he gets home he is too tired and then have to get online to do homework for the 2 classes he has taken. UGH! Hopefully we will get a more suitable and comfortable routine so its not too crazy. I have to bring my hubby dinner tonight at work since he has a 24 hour duty so it sucks...but he should be off tomorrow. I doubt he will take it tho since he is swamped at work and I bet he will go in anyway. ACK!

Anyway just checking in, cant really post any of the stuff I have been doing since my computer is acting up on me and I am having to use the laptop to get online. I have so many projects going on or I have taken on its killing me. But at least I have some stuff to show as soon as I can get my computer to stay on long enough to download some pics. See ya!