Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I've been tagged

5 things I was doing 10 years ago (October 1997):
1. Got married right after Highschool
2.Working as a waitress in RockOla Cafe
3. I had my first apartment with my husband
4. Became a military wife and learning the civilian world is so different from the military lifestyle
5. Learning how to drive the only car we had which was a stick shift.

5 things on my to do list today (since it's late, tomorrow):
1. Send Netflix back
2. send my cousin Rosies bday card and present
3. Laundry.
4. clean the house
5. Fold all the clean clothes

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. fresh fruits
2. home made chocolate chip cookies freshly baked
3. Dove dark chocolate truffles
.4. sharp cheddar cheese
5. filipino desserts

5 songs I know the lyrics to:
1. Colbie Caillat-Magic
2. Ingrid Michaelson-sweater song
3. Norah Jones-Come away with me
4. Almost all of Black eyed peas
5. Little mermaid song sings it to my daughter when she takes a bath

5 of my bad habits:
1. being lazy in the morning and doing everything when it is way too late in the afternoon
2. scrathing myself too hard that I mess up my skin
3. not folding and putting away clothes when I need to
4. too much time surfing the net instead of doing stuff
5. throwing food away

5 things I'd do if I were a millionaire:
1. Pay off all debt for me and hubby as well as my mom and mother in law
2. put money away for college and retirement just in case I blow all my money on scrap stuff
3. Go on amazing vacations/trip with my family
4. Definitely take better care of myself
5. I will hire a massage person, cook (healthy meals), trainer and maid so I can scrap anytime I please.

5 things I will never wear again:
1. mix match colors and patterns
2. Rolled up shorts and pants
3. stuffed bras I have plenty of my own now
4. plastic shoe's
5. my size 0 clothes since I will never be that small ever!

5 of my favorite toys:
1. Cricut
2. Scrapbooking stuff.
3. Camera.
4. Computer.
5. stamps

NOW I tag these people to answer the same:
Gracie (come on girl joined the dark side)
Meredith (did she do this alredy)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Thrift Finds

So Saturday afternoon I had to hurry up and go to Goodwill to hopefully find something I can wear for a Halloween party we were going to that day. Which was fine cuz I didnt have a costume for Halloween when I go trick or treating with the kids anyway. So in my head I was thinking gosh I need to make up something. I really wanted to go as a toga girl, student/nerd/sexy, or 40's housewife. Since I figured that's easy enough. Oh my gosh can I tell you how much I love Goodwill. You would have never ever heard me say that a couple of weeks ago but I am a total addict now. They have some awesome stuff in there. I dont know if it was becuz its close to Halloween or not but they put all their women's shirts, skirts and alot of other stuff all for $3.50 each. Yikes! They had so much stuff that I wanted not just for Halloween costume but for myself.
Here is a picture of me in my costume. I think I did pretty damn good specially it only cost me $15.50 in total for my full costume down to the shoes baby!
A self portrait of my me in my costume. Can you tell I am really feeling this. I love how feminine I look and believe me I do not dress like this but I am considering it specially how much attention I got from hubby. I LOVE THIS COSTUME!
How can you not do a total closeup of the shoes. This is the sexiest angle I can do from the front it just does not looke sexy so you get a side view. Sorry didnt have time to paint my toes.

So to make a long story short this is what I found at Goodwill that day and it would have been more but I was on a tight budget so can you imagine my loot if I didnt hold back like a real responsible adult should. I love my costume and really feeling it. Sorry for the blurry picture my husband took it when we got back from the party so my hair is a little flat already. It was alot puffier when we left. I love love love the shoes.

Here is the rundown: green shirt $7.00 it is a tank and sweater (and look at the detailed pic of the buttons arent they sweet) $3.50 each, skirt $3.50, shoe's $4.99 and my apron I made out of an old white sheet. Added my ribbong that I got from JoAnns for 97.c and a big ole red fake flower. I actually saw that darn thing in the car on the way to the party. I thought it came out pretty good considering I have not sewn since I was in Elementary school. I have been wanting to make an apron since I think they are so femenine and sexy and for my first time it is great. But watch when I get my sewing machine I am gonna rock those apron.hehehehe

The other things that you see are 4 table placemats that I love and they were only $3.09 the glass candy jar is $1.01, princess puzzle that Isabella picked out $1.00 and another shirt in the back that is totally soft and comfy you guest it $3.50. Can you believe it. And they had so many other things in there that I would have love to take home. Specially the skirts they had sooo much. I so into the vintage look rigth now and can I tell you my husband love that outfit soo much he is like "You should really dress up like that all the time! I want to see you clean and mop the floor, you know that's how they did it back then!"hahahahah He thinks he is soo funny. But seriously he loved it! I just dont think I will be cleaning in that dang outfit specially with those shoes on. Can you imagine that that's how they really were back then. I could not have live like that. Thank God I was born in this era I would have suck as a housewife!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Best Halloween cake ever!


Spirit Day @ school

My son has spirit day today so who ever wears the most red will win in his class. I would have put him in red underwear too but he said "Mommy! they cant see that?" He also had red sock but we don't know what sock heaven it went to so we have to make do with this. Darnet I wish he had red shoe's. Who wears red shoe's anyways. Its all about spirit day baby? I loved those when I was younger and I sure am gonna love helping my babies participate in them. Magana power! hehehe
It is for a Drug Free thing they are doing. Red to symbolize stopping drugs from being a part of their lives. So yesterday I took him to Walmart and bought those $1.99 hair spray thing. Thank God its Halloween season and they are readily available. So I just wanted to share what he looked like today! Isn't he sooo cute! My baby......hhhmp.

Can you tell by the looks in his face how happy he was going to school looking like this. I was scared it was gonna be all over his face since it is so easy to run specially wet. And it was raining like crazy. Oh well it survived somewhat even with the rainy condition. All that matters is that he got to do it and this was a first for him. He would have never let me do this before. Now its cool to have different hair color so whatever! He is growing up sooo fast. I think he got so excited with looking cool that he got a bad color today in school for talking and loosing his patience. That boy! This will have to be scrapped and kept as evidence for the future along with many thousand others waiting to be put to use. Hahahaha.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A rainy day!

I used Scarlet letter PP, Creative Imaginations transperancy,Prima flower, FF chipboard, black ink, gold embossing powder, black felt flower and gold brad. Black ribbon is from JoAnns for .97c. I purposely tattered and distressed the edges of paper I am loving that look right now.

It is such a yucky day here today. It has been raining all day long, but that is ok cuz I get to do alot of work when its day's like these. I got to finish 2 LO's that I have been putting off. One is for a DT contest for A Million Memories and another is just a LO I was trying out to challenge myself.

In fact I challenge you do it too! I used 8 different PP on one LO and made it look together. You wouldnt even think there is 8 PP in that LO. It turned out better than I thought. I used my current fav picture of my daughter Isabella in her ballerina outfit. She love's that thing and if she could wear it all day everyday she would. Paper are from Scrapworks paper pad and one scarlet letter.

Monday, October 22, 2007

My weekend

So I was supposed to have a great weekend scrapbooking with my friend Gracie. But I guess my husband had other plans that he forgot to share with me. Dork! He had invited his co-workers for the weekend to have a get together. So instead of scrapbooking Gracie and I had to clean up. Thank God she help me cuz I dont know how I would have done it. Specially I was feeling under the weather. So to make a long story short we ended up not doing anything besides the couple of hours Friday night finishing my little album and Gracie fiinishing her calendar. But at 11:30 pm that night we got the urge to go to the movies since the kids were all in bed and hubby was home. We figured we wouldnt be able to do it the next day due to the guest coming so we busted out of my house and catched a 12:15 movie Why Did I Get Married.

That movie was soooo funny. I was dying the whole time. Dont get me wrong it had its moments of ooooohhhh but most of it was great laugh. I am glad we decited to go that night we had such a great time. The party in our house was good too. We laugh the whole time. This is new for us since we are barely getting to know them all from work but we all get along so good. The food was awesome I might add. Kuddos to me and hubby it was Mexican style baby all homemade. I was just mad I didnt take pictures. You know how it is when you are on a mission and making sure everybody's ok. In the chaos of that I forgot to do the most important thing which is to capture it with pictures. Oh well next time! All in all it was a great weekend I wish I get over this thing I am having so I can do all the stuff I need to do.

So this is what I finished today. I figured I need to stop with the Halloween and focus on my xmas stuff. I decided to do another shadow box for the fun of it. I am still doing the other one but finished this one. I will put the tutorial @ Amillionmemories.com if you all want to learn how to make a shadow box. Although I am pretty sure if you google it you will find directions on how to do one. Anyway it's simple and made out of a single sheet of 12x12 paper that you like, paper mache box (bottom) scraps of cream cardstock for stand, 1 chipboard cut in four to make corner, 5 silver snowflakes brad (took brad in middle out), paint (cream,green,brown, red) for background and corners, 1 single cotton ball for snow affect, glitter to accentuate kids clothes and one chipboard from KI at the middle top of the box. HOpe you all like it I love making this bad boys and I will make more. I will put them all over my house when its time to decorate for xmas. I just thought I needed a little break from Halloween stuff.
Close Up of kids!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Isabella's finished bedroom!

So I finally got to finish her room today. Yesterday I posted what her room looked like before I added the little nic nac I got for her room and also reposition certain things that were already there but were not being appreciated where they were at.Everything in her room is either refurbish, thrift store, free or 75% off. Bargain room for real!!! HALLA!
The heart shape door hanger I made from a pink boa she got for her 2nd bday. But every time you hold it, it leaves pink color in your hands and everything. But she loves it so I took a hanger and shaped that bad boy to as close a heart I could and wrapped the boa around the darn thing and WALA a heart door hanger. Its not even glued or anything it just stuck to it and that's all. C'mon ya'll you know that's Cleaver!!!! And she loves it and you know you are about to enter into a girly girl room!

This is what you will see as you walk in her room. Her bed used to be on the left wall and I moved it this way I think its more dramatic. Since she mostly plays in the TV room in the bonus room she really does not need a lot of room here. But she does have enough room on either side of the bed to do a she pleases.

This is the wall to her left. I picked up thos butterfly mirror with glass knob's to at ROSS and they were only $3.50 each. I used them to hang her growin bag collection. She has more but they are all over the place so this were still hanging from their original position so we just kept those and will add the other ones later. She loves this idea and she can see all her bag. She has also learn to use her little chair inside her closet to stand on and get her bag so she wont pull on the mirror hanger's. She is my smart girl! The cream picture frames are from Target when they were on sale for $3.00 each. Dog princess message board was given to her last xmas from my mother in law. She love's that dog she even slept next to it when she first got it thinking it was a pillow. The dog is wearing a crown with a little bling.

This is her wall to the right. The pink pillow, curtain, canopy and butterflies were all from Pier 1 kids when they were having their 75% off becuz they are closing all thier kids store. The canopy used to be $120 or $140 cant remember but I got for $20. Butterflies were originally $12 each bag and got for $3.00 I got 2 bags. That table on the bottom pic is against the wall and is from Ikea. I bought it from my cousin in Cali when we were moving back to Fort Bragg for Isaac's room. Which is now in Isabella's room. It is awesom cuz it is deep and whide and I can fit alot of her clothes. I will be painting it too but not right now. It is fine since its white.

This is what I was spray painting.... the toy bins. They used be primary colors and used Krylon pink satin color to change the color. I had forgotten about the big bins and I am not totally done painting them. I might have to buy 3 more cans of spray paint to make the color pink look better. I can still see the primary color but for the pictures sake I went ahead and put her stuff in there so you can see my vision. I was using a big all plastic bin to hold her stuff so she can just dump her toys when I tell he to clean up but I am trying to teach her how to organize her toys that should all go together instead of all mixed up. She loves it and she said I dont want to mess up my room. Yeah right! That bad boy will be mess by tonight. Specially my friend Gracie and her kids are coming here so Isabella and Trinity sure will have fun in that room.

This is her bedding and pillow up close. Even though the bedding and the pillow are totally from different company and pattern becuz they are both in the same family color they look good together. It was so big and roomy inside that I stuff 2 regular pillows in that dark pink one to fill it up. She uses it to lean against her back when she goes to bed and uses the one shown in the back for her head since its softer. This is her doggy that she loves and used to bark but now ran out of batter so I must fix that. Her bedding is from Rachel Ashwell collection from Target and got it (a year ago) when they had on sale which is not often . I also got a down feather comforter at Target that I got for $12.00 even though it is queen size I just folded a little bit of it to fit it in her twin size comforter cover thingy. I forget what you call it. Instead of buying new comforters all the time you can buy the ones that you can put your old comforter in so it is basically like a big pillow case and stuff with a comforter. Besides there is no way I could pay for those Rachel Ashwell shabby chic quilted comforter they have. But this will do just fine.

These are the upclosed pic of the butterfly in a bag I was talking about and I just safety pin it from the back to hold on to the canopy. I think it turned out cute!
So there it is my "Princess" room. And she love's it. She helped me with the stuff.. handing stuff for me and holding certain things and picking out her bags that she wanted displayed. She actually has more but I didnt see them until I took the pics and I am too tired to redo the pics. Some of the colors are a little blah not a very good light today. The only thing I need to do now is get her a rug for her floor. I have my eye on this rug at Target but I just cant see myself spending $99 mula for something you step on. Tell me what you all think. I

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New things

So its been a couple of day since I have been here. I dont know what it is but I have not been on the computer too much. Which is ok since it give's me time to do the things I should be doing. I have been enjoying my time with my hubby at night watching our shows and just cuddling together. So I am sure he is happy I am not in the computer. But I am finally back and I have been wanting to post the new stuff that I have gotten or come across and things that I am doing that should have been done.

So this week I went to my local Goodwill and just wanted to check it out. I thought I was not gonna find anything and can I tell you how wrong I am. They have so much stuff that I could have spent the whole day looking at stuff. I wanted to get so much stuff but didnt have cash so I just picked up a couple of things that I really wanted to have. The two glasses I got for .50 each. Can you believe that? I am using them to put my buttons and nicnacs in. The cabbage teapot was $2.00 and I got a bag of white beaded necklace thing but I think they are for xmas decoration for .50. So in total I spent $3.50. How cool is that! There was so many more but I only had $4 bucks so I went ahead and got these. I am obsessed with teapots and pitchers. If they are different or cool looking I want them. Although this would only be my second in my collection, hey I am starting ok.
I am in such a small budget that I hate spending a dime. But I have not spent anything in a while so I figured its ok its not even over 5 bucks. I hate being responsible I wish I can be stupid sometimes but I am not. I think about the big picture and know what needs to be done in order to make it. So many things that I want but I know that I can live without them. I always tell myself if I could wait it out it would be ok I will get it later. So things get put aside, wants are not needs and give up wanting it at all together. So sometimes there are projects that have done a while back and will not get done until way later. This is one of those moments.

I finally got to work on my daughters room. I broke down a month ago and bought some stuff from Pier1kids cuz they were 75%off. I finally found the stuff I am looking for so I will share the pics of what I have been up to. I have to put the canopy up over her top of the bed.I have a before and after pics to see the difference in what a little money can make.
I used Krylon pink satin spray paint to paint storage boxes that will hold her toys. This storage shelf thing is from my sons room and as you can see they are primary colors. I change it to pink to suit my daughters room and taste better. So I got to used it for my son and now for my daughter and all it cost me was 3 cans or spray paint and time. Luv it!
The drawers that you see in the pic's (there are 4 of them)are going under her bed and will alter them using pink shabby chic paper that will hold toys, books or even seasonal clothing. I still have to buy and attach little wheels so that they can slide in and out under her bed easily. I got this drawer from a little dresser that was being thrown away and was first used as a regular dresser for her clothes. But it was falling apart so I took the drawers out since they are in great condition and though...lhhhhmmm under bed storage. Aha! moment. And they fit perfectly under there and you wont even notice them. I love trash day so many treasures to find. hehehehe

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Friday at last!

Used a skeleton from Michaels and altered it. My Diva Skeleton is for daughter Isabella and was inspired by Elsie Flannigan. But after I made it I thought about Day of the Dead and figured this would be perfect. Aha moment. So the one above is my idea to make it look like the tradional Mexican Day of the Dead skeletons. Used alot of bling from Target dollar spot, I doodled alot of the details and odds and ends rubons that dont know what to do with since they are soo small. Love how it turned out.
Ok so I have been creating like a mad woman. But when I am in the mood stay back nothing will stop me or I will explode from all the ideas I have in my head. So I want to share what I have been up to. Been so inspired with the whole Halloween thing. Finished up my skeletons and if I must say they turn out pretty cute. OH! And I am the LO of the day at Amillionmemories today! Weeeeee, ya baby! I am so glad they like the hunted house box that I made. It turned out cute so I was happy. I hate it when it does not come out the way I see it in my head. There are some interest in some of the gals to learn how to make it so I have to email Michelle or Allison for permission....man I keep forgetting. Anyways so I would love to do that, never done in online but I am sure I will figure it out.
Hunted House Theater style box. Used an old Daisy D chipboard container to create this 3D theater. Used MM Halloween clear stickers and pp. Love how it turned out!

I am so glad they don't think I am crazy! I get so excited with ideas in my head sometimes and I want to do crazy out of the box things and sometimes have to watch myself cuz some people might look at me like ok relax and turn it down a notch. hehehe but the one's around me, that knows me know that's just the way I am. Right Gracie? hehehe That's what I want to do is inspire people to just enjoy making something. Don't get me wrong I love love love scrapbooking but man there is nothing like creating something that is in your head and you are the only one that can see it. Then turn around and make it and share it and people get it! Like it? Want it? It is awesome. Its like they get the bug that you had when you are all excited to create it Looove it!

Even though I am not in a DT or published or well known.... I feel like this year was the right year to listen to my inner voice to step out and put myself out there. Be myself and share what I love to do. I think I have that this year.... I think I am able to share my stuff without feeling embarrassed or critical of myself. Not worrying if people will accept me or ignore me. But being myself without asking anything in return. And to know I don't need to be like everybody else to be liked, or follow the clicks and hang out at certain places. I don't need to kiss any body's ASSSSH to be in the group. I like that! ha

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Time to decorate

I finally got to finish my bat banner last night. So today I decorated the kitchen for fall/halloween and I love how it turned out. I might have to buy more stuff at the end of the season to keep my collection growing and I could do more next year but I love my simple decoration. I am still doing a little here and there using my scrapbook stuff so I might have to add more pic later.

Oh and I posted my work (little altered book for Meredith's Necessities challenge) @ Twopeas today and Rhona Farrer said that it was beautifull and she LOVED it! ha.... I cannot believe she would even comment on my work. I love and admire her work and products and to see her like what I made is such a complement to me. I am a little giddy I must say. I am sure she does it to be nice and I am sure there way soo many other people that are use to that sort of stuff but not me. I post and share my work no matter what and this was a work that I did without thinking about it just did it. So I didnt think nothing of it like when you are submitting work to be judge. And it just made me happy cuz it kinda solidifies what I believe in the first place. I create to create and love my work. And when someone you never expect loves it too make's you feel sooo good cuz you dont expect it you know, you didnt try out for it or went crazy thinking about everydetail so people can notice it. All I am saying is that I am happy other people like my art too and as far as Rhona its not cuz she is a celebrity its more cuz I think she creates amazing work and I go to her to be inspired. Am I not allowed to be giddy....I am human. Hehehehe I might have to come back later on today and add some more thoughts but for now I must get off cuz I am hungry and need to do a little more work around the house. If you could only see the clothes that need to folded and put away. Yikes.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Daddy finally had a 3 day weekend and we have not been doing anything so we decided it was a beautiful day to take the kids for a bike ride. These are their b-day present this year and it has been so crazy hot that they cannot go outside to ride their bike's. We can finally feel the weather changing here in Georgia and the kids love it. Isabella love's wearing her helmet and pads. I think its the little dare devil in her that get's her all giddy knowing she will ride her bike. Isaac is still learning and its his first big boy bike. He is still scared to take off the training wheel so we will give him time. It was great to just enjoy the day with the kids. As you can see in the picture we have a little hill and the kids were having a hard time. Jorge had to push Isabella the whole time cuz she still does not understand the concept of if you push back on the pedals you wont go no where and she not strong enough to push all the way by herself.

While everyone was riding their bikes and Daddy pushing the kids making sure they are ok, this is what I was in charged of! Usually they are so bad and bark at everyone and everything but they did really good. Even when a big pitbull started barking at them they just ignored him and kept walking. It was not long though before I hear "hey, its your turn to push I'll walk the dogs!" Great job daddy! I knew it, he gets tired and I end up pushing Isabella all the way home. The things you do for your kids. Man, those little bikes can inflict pain in the most uncomfortable places. Not to mention my back being in pain from bending to be able to push her forward. Those darn training wheels kept running over my foot and that little bone that sticks out from your ankle. And the worst part was I couldnt even get mad and when you get hurt like your natural reaction is to kick the damn thing. Lucky bike! Better be glad Isabella was still riding you or I would have kick the crap out of you is all I can think in my head. hehehe

So today was a good day! I haven't been feeling good and today I felt better. So what would a mom and wife do when you feel better.....you do chores that you have not done since you felt sick. Yup! that's right I got so much accomplished today I am so proud of myself. Although my house is two story so really I still have upstairs to do tomorrow. Yuck! I hate lugging that damn vacuum upstairs and I am so tired of cleaning that same crap that I just finished cleaning up the week before. Sheesh, I wish I could throw all the toys away but what kind of a mom would I be?

So today I turned in my submission for Meredith's daily necessities challenge and will share them with you as well. This is an altered book I started 3 years ago. I put it away becuz I was not feeling it and know that one day I will get to finish it. It is funny that I started it 3 years ago becuz the challenge is based on a Monk's list of things to be or do to better yourself. I created this book just to create in it. No purpose but do what pleases me creatively. I like to feel it when I create. I like to feel good doing it and with this one I lost that feeling after I first started it. But I did not doubt what I started and knew that when the time was right it was gonna call me back and invite me to finish it.
It is a small book called Everything Religion.Huh?! weird huh....see how everything works in the world. I am always like that, I do things, pick up things here and there knowing one day it will have a purpose that I do not know yet and this book is one of those things. I feel good when I catch those moments, moments when I trusted my heart and creative mojo. It has not failed me yet! I might sound weird or just a hoarder or procrastinator but I do create many things that are not finished. I do not force things creatively, I like the flow when you create. If you are happy with what you create when it is done you will always love it no matter how long it has been since you made it.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

DT Submission

So before the end of the month I tried out for the DT for A Million Memories. And I didnt make it! Aaaw so sad! Yeah I was sad and dissappointed but got over it. So I figured hey I might as well show my work here. I am really proud of myself becuz this year I have been really sticking to my New Years Resolution on going out of my comfort zone and doing the things I say I would like to do but never do. I never really cared or made too much of an effort in joining DT becuz 1. I know the game 2. There are so many talents out there and so many try out my chances are slim to none 3. You have to know the politics or the clicks (yes there are!!! dont even play) 4. I cannot afford to buy the things that are hot and new or kits that involve in creating the things they want you to have 5. It is a business and they will pick who ever will give them the most exposure and bang for their buck. And last but not the least 6. YOu have to be either published or work as another DT in another site so you can once again give exposure to the place you are trying out for.

These list of things are what stopped me forever from trying out. I did get to work for a company before but do not consider it being in thier DT. Becuz really it was a friend of mine that asked if I could do some projects for them and in turn will give me some stuff for free. I was never in their site or did anything that the DT got to do. It was more a side thing than anything. But it was the closest to being a DT member so I kinda knew what that felt like. Besides when they finally asked me to be in their DT the company was in such a bad place that I had to not accept and stopped all contact. But that was a while back and got such a bad taste for it that I didnt care in being in a DT after that. So for some reason this year I finally decided it was time to try again. Besides there so many sites and scrapbook company now that I figured what ever thoughts I have or experience I had would not stop me from experiencing something new. Of course I am human and would like to know if my work will be good enough and also to see if I have something that can inspire others. And it doesnt hurt to know that others like your work too. I am not gonna lie about that oh did I forget to say that the gravy is getting stuff for free.

There is also a big part of me that want to shake people. I mean this industry has gotten so big so fast that we now have celebrities! And people want to be a part of that. So many people in this hobby now do it for the hunt! They are out there vigorously hunting for the next thing that will satisfy their need of feeling "YES" " I am in this industry being recognized!" and its soo bad. I mean it is so competitive out there that it is cut throat. I mean everything is about getting your work published, making it in a DT and working for a manufacturer. Alot of people create solely to have their work out there.

Dont get me wrong, yes I would love to be published, I would love to be in a DT or even be working for a manufacturer. But do I go and turn in my work to be published? No. Would I? Yes, when I feel like I have a good idea and something that is good enough maybe. But do I get up everyday and say I am gonna make something so I can turn this in today so I can be seen or recognized.....no. Did I try out for a DT? Yes. When I didnt make it, did I quickly go the Pubcalls to look for the next call? No. Why? cuz it is not everything to me. There are so many calls out there do I do everysingle one? No Only and only if I am interested in something or feel like I have something to offer that would benefit me or the company will I even try and even sometimes I dont. I create becuz I love doing it! All the other stuff is gravy.....So then why this year I feel like I should turn in work....cuz there is a part of me that wants a challenge. I want to say that I tried and I there is a part of me that want to see if others think my work is good as much as my friends, family and around me say.

I'm finally here!

Well I finally did it. Been dragging my foot, been lazy, no time and just plain questioning if I should make one. So as you can see I finally did it, I created my blog. I already had a myspace account but I was using it to get in touch with my family and friends that I have lost connection to due to time, distance and plain crazyness of military life. So welcome to my blog, I hope you all enjoy coming here and visiting me. I wanted to be able to share my love of creating art, scrapbooking, card making and anything I want to dable in that is artistic and inspire me to create as well inspire you.

Cannot wait to post my work here and feel free to share without hesitation. I sometimes come up with some crazy things, have so many ideas floating in my head, get all excited, talk to much about and get inspired by so many other artist that my husband cannot keep up with me. He just shruggs his shoulders, say's ok honey and smile and think I am so silly but loves to see me go crazy over something he does not understand anything about. Only when my project or object that I have been obscessing about is done does he understand or see and says. "Wow, baby that is great how do you think of things like this? I cant even draw a stick figure if it would save my life!" hehhehehe He is my biggest fan and supporter. I love him!!!

So anyway there it is my first blog. I hope I dont drive you all too crazy by my antics and plain crazyness at times. Also I will try my best to spell right since I dont really care too much becuz I want to express what I have to say and this is not school so I dont really focust on my grammar. Is that how you spell grammar? hehehhe.