Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New things

So its been a couple of day since I have been here. I dont know what it is but I have not been on the computer too much. Which is ok since it give's me time to do the things I should be doing. I have been enjoying my time with my hubby at night watching our shows and just cuddling together. So I am sure he is happy I am not in the computer. But I am finally back and I have been wanting to post the new stuff that I have gotten or come across and things that I am doing that should have been done.

So this week I went to my local Goodwill and just wanted to check it out. I thought I was not gonna find anything and can I tell you how wrong I am. They have so much stuff that I could have spent the whole day looking at stuff. I wanted to get so much stuff but didnt have cash so I just picked up a couple of things that I really wanted to have. The two glasses I got for .50 each. Can you believe that? I am using them to put my buttons and nicnacs in. The cabbage teapot was $2.00 and I got a bag of white beaded necklace thing but I think they are for xmas decoration for .50. So in total I spent $3.50. How cool is that! There was so many more but I only had $4 bucks so I went ahead and got these. I am obsessed with teapots and pitchers. If they are different or cool looking I want them. Although this would only be my second in my collection, hey I am starting ok.
I am in such a small budget that I hate spending a dime. But I have not spent anything in a while so I figured its ok its not even over 5 bucks. I hate being responsible I wish I can be stupid sometimes but I am not. I think about the big picture and know what needs to be done in order to make it. So many things that I want but I know that I can live without them. I always tell myself if I could wait it out it would be ok I will get it later. So things get put aside, wants are not needs and give up wanting it at all together. So sometimes there are projects that have done a while back and will not get done until way later. This is one of those moments.

I finally got to work on my daughters room. I broke down a month ago and bought some stuff from Pier1kids cuz they were 75%off. I finally found the stuff I am looking for so I will share the pics of what I have been up to. I have to put the canopy up over her top of the bed.I have a before and after pics to see the difference in what a little money can make.
I used Krylon pink satin spray paint to paint storage boxes that will hold her toys. This storage shelf thing is from my sons room and as you can see they are primary colors. I change it to pink to suit my daughters room and taste better. So I got to used it for my son and now for my daughter and all it cost me was 3 cans or spray paint and time. Luv it!
The drawers that you see in the pic's (there are 4 of them)are going under her bed and will alter them using pink shabby chic paper that will hold toys, books or even seasonal clothing. I still have to buy and attach little wheels so that they can slide in and out under her bed easily. I got this drawer from a little dresser that was being thrown away and was first used as a regular dresser for her clothes. But it was falling apart so I took the drawers out since they are in great condition and though...lhhhhmmm under bed storage. Aha! moment. And they fit perfectly under there and you wont even notice them. I love trash day so many treasures to find. hehehehe


Gabrielle Beck said...

Michelle your daughters room is adorable! I love all the pink. :)

You are so creative with painting the storage bins. And the drawers for under her bed is GREAT! I LOVE that idea!

You have got me all excited to find a Goodwill near me now! I love the stuff you got! I keep craft stuff in glasses too! :)

Jen Sue Wild said...

You are creative !!
Your DD room is so cute I just love what you did..

You did a great job at the GW.
I just love to go to thrift stores they are so dang fun and you never know what you might get..