Saturday, October 6, 2007

DT Submission

So before the end of the month I tried out for the DT for A Million Memories. And I didnt make it! Aaaw so sad! Yeah I was sad and dissappointed but got over it. So I figured hey I might as well show my work here. I am really proud of myself becuz this year I have been really sticking to my New Years Resolution on going out of my comfort zone and doing the things I say I would like to do but never do. I never really cared or made too much of an effort in joining DT becuz 1. I know the game 2. There are so many talents out there and so many try out my chances are slim to none 3. You have to know the politics or the clicks (yes there are!!! dont even play) 4. I cannot afford to buy the things that are hot and new or kits that involve in creating the things they want you to have 5. It is a business and they will pick who ever will give them the most exposure and bang for their buck. And last but not the least 6. YOu have to be either published or work as another DT in another site so you can once again give exposure to the place you are trying out for.

These list of things are what stopped me forever from trying out. I did get to work for a company before but do not consider it being in thier DT. Becuz really it was a friend of mine that asked if I could do some projects for them and in turn will give me some stuff for free. I was never in their site or did anything that the DT got to do. It was more a side thing than anything. But it was the closest to being a DT member so I kinda knew what that felt like. Besides when they finally asked me to be in their DT the company was in such a bad place that I had to not accept and stopped all contact. But that was a while back and got such a bad taste for it that I didnt care in being in a DT after that. So for some reason this year I finally decided it was time to try again. Besides there so many sites and scrapbook company now that I figured what ever thoughts I have or experience I had would not stop me from experiencing something new. Of course I am human and would like to know if my work will be good enough and also to see if I have something that can inspire others. And it doesnt hurt to know that others like your work too. I am not gonna lie about that oh did I forget to say that the gravy is getting stuff for free.

There is also a big part of me that want to shake people. I mean this industry has gotten so big so fast that we now have celebrities! And people want to be a part of that. So many people in this hobby now do it for the hunt! They are out there vigorously hunting for the next thing that will satisfy their need of feeling "YES" " I am in this industry being recognized!" and its soo bad. I mean it is so competitive out there that it is cut throat. I mean everything is about getting your work published, making it in a DT and working for a manufacturer. Alot of people create solely to have their work out there.

Dont get me wrong, yes I would love to be published, I would love to be in a DT or even be working for a manufacturer. But do I go and turn in my work to be published? No. Would I? Yes, when I feel like I have a good idea and something that is good enough maybe. But do I get up everyday and say I am gonna make something so I can turn this in today so I can be seen or Did I try out for a DT? Yes. When I didnt make it, did I quickly go the Pubcalls to look for the next call? No. Why? cuz it is not everything to me. There are so many calls out there do I do everysingle one? No Only and only if I am interested in something or feel like I have something to offer that would benefit me or the company will I even try and even sometimes I dont. I create becuz I love doing it! All the other stuff is gravy.....So then why this year I feel like I should turn in work....cuz there is a part of me that wants a challenge. I want to say that I tried and I there is a part of me that want to see if others think my work is good as much as my friends, family and around me say.

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Gabrielle Beck said...

Great LO's!

So creative!

Gabrielle from AMM :)