Thursday, March 27, 2008

Karen's challenges

This is Karen's white space challenge at It was harder than I thought. There are only 4 rules but man did it challenge me. I am glad of how it turned out and will do more LO's like was fun. I luv challenges it gets me to do pages that I wont or might not even thinking of doing. I used all MM Chelseas place and the journaling is hidden in the back of the picture to still have the white space. This is a picture of Isabella when she was 8 months old and how much she always loved to smile.
1.using only PP no carstock
2. only make the LO for an hour
3. lots of journaling
4. alot of white space
This is another challenge on Karen's blog creative theraphy. I luv that blog it is so inspiring and I actually have so many pages I am planning on doing. It is just what I needed to get going on pages I have been putting off and dont have idea how to start. And this blog just did. This is for the catalyst challenge #2. A place you go to center yourself real, fiction and anything in between. And I chose my husband becuz he is the one I go to first when there are things going on in my life.Journaling reads:
I never truly knew what true unconditional love was until I met you. All my life all I have prayed for is for someone to love me as I am. To be love as much as I love back. Finally God answered my prayers and brought me YOU! You are my ROCK. A strong shoulder to cry and lean on. Never judging alwasy loving. I am not afraid to tell you anything. You are my bestfriend and soulmate. You have brought nothing but love, happiness and comfort to my life. And in this lifetime that have been given to me, I could never come close to expressing how thankful, appreicate and LOVE you so deeply. You are my ROCK.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Some Easter Pictures

This is an event hosted by the hospital where my hubby works. We didnt know anyone so we dont have a family picture. This is a picture of the kids with the funny bunny man as Isabella said. They had a great time and the candies are all gone kids had taken their baskets upstairs and ate the candy when they felt like it. I didnt know they had their baskets stashed away.....sneaky, sneaky.
This is the only picture of us together and of course I am squinting. It was so bright outside and perfect weather. We lucked out! I luv my purple dress I finally go tto wear it and it actually matches with my daughter and my son matched with Jorge. How cool is that and we didnt even planned it "I SWEAR!"Picture of hubby looking hot. He was watching the kids play and I just thought he looked so good I had to take a picture of him.

I luv this picture of Jorge and Isabella. He was blowing bubbles to her and the other kids but for some reason only she showed up in this one with hair blowing in the air. I luv it!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I know it was a while back but....

I am Dirty 30 baby!!

I cant believe it but I am 30 years old. Yeah people I am not afraid to say it. This picture was taken the last day of CHA at my MIL's house and they got me a cake before I left. My birthday actually was after Valentines day and got to be home with the kids and my hubby. My friend Gracie, Rick and the kids came over and we went out to eat at our fave BBQ restaurant and had a cake at home. We watched movies and hung out. Nothing special or extravagant but I loved it. I did not panic or got scared about being 30 I actually was looking forward to it. I believe I am in my prime ( not with looks or anything) but as far as being a woman, mom, wife, daughter and a friend. I am more myself and stronger as a person. I am happy and secure with myself more than ever than I have ever been in my entire life and I luv it. And I am soo proud of that! Here's to being dirty 30 ya'll!

This is my cake that Grace and Rick got me right after we got home from the restaurant. Thank you guys for sharing my bday with me. Luv ya!

A quick update!

I had a challenge going on with Allisa when I met her at CHA. We both received the exact same add on kit from Label Tulip and she challenge me. It was supposed to be due on the 16th but I have been sick and have not posted it here. I did post it @ AMM so hopefully it still counts. So Allisa if you are looking here's my work. It was hard to make much since it was the add on but I think I did alright with what I had. I could have done more and hoped to do more but got sick.

Here is another challenge I did for Michelle @ It was fun doing this challenge cuz I dont do good when it comes to sketches..I tend to look at it and then end up doing something totally different. But I stuck to it and created. I did alright I though luv the MM pp chelsea's place. This is a picture of the kids staying up on New Years Eve waiting to kiss each other and wishing everyone a happy new year.
I have been doing alot of challenges lately cuz I think it is a good kick in the rear end to finish something. This is a challenge I did for Christine for her Black and White challenge in her blog. And guess what? I won! Yay! I dont really win anything so this was really cool. I have been out and not really been online as you can see and this was in my mail today telling me I won. I could not beleive it. Yay for me! This is a picture of my dog Layla! Isnt she beautiful?

Bad, bad...blogger!

I have been soo bad. I know....I know but right after CHA my kids got sick, then I got sick, then my hubby got sick. Coming back home and scheadule was a bit hectic and now I am getting better from another round of being sick. Eeek I have been sick alot, maybe its cuz of the weather changes I dont really know. I am now currently feeling better.
So what's new? Well we got word a while back that the Army might be moving us to Washington State. Soo happy about that but now just a couple of day ago was told we might be going back to Fort Bragg NC. Which I am not too happy about cuz I have been there so many times I would like to go somewhere on the West Coast. We have always gotten stuck on the South side of the country and I need something new. But as the military life goes nothing is ever written in stones so I wont worry about until I need to.
We are also trying to get the house ready cuz we need to sell it before the Army move's us. Before I got sick I was busy cleaning up, painting and getting rid of stuff little by little. But it is no use in my opinion. If you have kids you know what I mean. I feel like I do stuff one day and turn around it is there again. Ack! I am just tired I cant wait to get done with it.