Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So much to share, so little time!

OMG! I know you know who that is below right? YUP YUP! That is the super YUMMY..Mario Lopez IRL people! He was here in Fort Lewis PX promoting his book Mud Tacos and his energy drink Celsius. My friend Mariely found out about this book signing and am I so glad she told me about it. We stayed in line for like 3 hours maybe 4 but who cares. It was so worth it. Here he was signing his picture! Gosh he is sooo GORGEOUS!

We didn't know where he was gonna be coming in but what a great surprise when we heard the screams from the front entrance. He ended up passing right by us. Look how close he was, I could have seriously tackled him to the ground if I wanted to! Heheheh look at those dang dimples ladies!

Here I am getting a tiny hug while taking our pics together. He was very sweet and patient. Man I thought I was a pretty brave and bold girl. But when it was my turn to get my book and picture signed I turned to a 12 year old little girl.
I got all shy and could not look at him in the eye. He was totally making eye contact I just couldn't do it. All I could say to him was "Hi Mario! How are you?" While looking at the table handing him my book. DUH! Ugh I felt so stupid. He was kind and said "I'm fine, how are you?" By the time I got next to him to take a picture I was shaking. He had to get close to me to take the picture and he could tell I was nervous and shaking and look at me kinda funny. He felt me shaking and after the pic he said..."Thanks mama!" Aaaaaaw, melt my heart!
I'm fine being shy, at least I didn't beg and act like a hoochie mama like the other girls. One girl asked to sit on his lap which I thought was way too much and another girl was screaming and calling his name and I think kissed him in the neck....(which I think cuz him to have a reaction cuz he took a break right after her and when he came back he was complaining about his neck and if you look closely on the first picture you can see his neck has a rash, ack!) He was way skinnier in person and way more quiet than what you see on T.V. All in all it was a great experience. To top it off, I just found out he is coming back in August. Woooo hoooo! You know who will be back to get a pic right???? yup yup!
My baby girl is a Girl Scouts! Aaaw, look at her wearing her Daisy Apron. I am so proud cuz I busted out my sewing machine to put on her patches which are on the back. The front side is all iron on so it was all good! This was the night of World Thinking Day for Girl Scouts here in our area. It was the first time she got to wear her apron. I am oh so proud of her. She has already memorized her Girl Scouts promise and has met her cookie sale goal. Two weeks from today they will do their oath ceremony and officially a Girl Scouts.

Lastly, I will leave you with a LO I created for AAM Challenge Blog. The theme this week is "My Personality" I didn't want to do a LO with what I thought I my take on my personality, instead I asked a couple of my friend to tell me what they think my personality is. And this is what I got: No holds bar, tell it like it is, crazy, funny, caring, loyal, giving and loving person.
I used my Feb. Nook Kit to create this LO. It's simple but I love how it turned out. You will have to excuse the poor quality of the pics. My new computer is a pain and wont let me download my photo editing software so I am having to use what came with it, which SUCKS! Sorry! Hopefully I can get a new one that works but for now my sucky pictures will do! You can check out the BLOG to see the rest of the DT's take on this challenge and to get inspired to make your own page.
It's All About Me "My Personality" Challenge

TFL! Have a great day!