Monday, October 22, 2007

My weekend

So I was supposed to have a great weekend scrapbooking with my friend Gracie. But I guess my husband had other plans that he forgot to share with me. Dork! He had invited his co-workers for the weekend to have a get together. So instead of scrapbooking Gracie and I had to clean up. Thank God she help me cuz I dont know how I would have done it. Specially I was feeling under the weather. So to make a long story short we ended up not doing anything besides the couple of hours Friday night finishing my little album and Gracie fiinishing her calendar. But at 11:30 pm that night we got the urge to go to the movies since the kids were all in bed and hubby was home. We figured we wouldnt be able to do it the next day due to the guest coming so we busted out of my house and catched a 12:15 movie Why Did I Get Married.

That movie was soooo funny. I was dying the whole time. Dont get me wrong it had its moments of ooooohhhh but most of it was great laugh. I am glad we decited to go that night we had such a great time. The party in our house was good too. We laugh the whole time. This is new for us since we are barely getting to know them all from work but we all get along so good. The food was awesome I might add. Kuddos to me and hubby it was Mexican style baby all homemade. I was just mad I didnt take pictures. You know how it is when you are on a mission and making sure everybody's ok. In the chaos of that I forgot to do the most important thing which is to capture it with pictures. Oh well next time! All in all it was a great weekend I wish I get over this thing I am having so I can do all the stuff I need to do.

So this is what I finished today. I figured I need to stop with the Halloween and focus on my xmas stuff. I decided to do another shadow box for the fun of it. I am still doing the other one but finished this one. I will put the tutorial @ if you all want to learn how to make a shadow box. Although I am pretty sure if you google it you will find directions on how to do one. Anyway it's simple and made out of a single sheet of 12x12 paper that you like, paper mache box (bottom) scraps of cream cardstock for stand, 1 chipboard cut in four to make corner, 5 silver snowflakes brad (took brad in middle out), paint (cream,green,brown, red) for background and corners, 1 single cotton ball for snow affect, glitter to accentuate kids clothes and one chipboard from KI at the middle top of the box. HOpe you all like it I love making this bad boys and I will make more. I will put them all over my house when its time to decorate for xmas. I just thought I needed a little break from Halloween stuff.
Close Up of kids!

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Gabrielle Beck said...

It has been SO long since I've been to the movies! I'm jealous! :)

I LOVE your xmas box, so cute!