Monday, October 29, 2007

Thrift Finds

So Saturday afternoon I had to hurry up and go to Goodwill to hopefully find something I can wear for a Halloween party we were going to that day. Which was fine cuz I didnt have a costume for Halloween when I go trick or treating with the kids anyway. So in my head I was thinking gosh I need to make up something. I really wanted to go as a toga girl, student/nerd/sexy, or 40's housewife. Since I figured that's easy enough. Oh my gosh can I tell you how much I love Goodwill. You would have never ever heard me say that a couple of weeks ago but I am a total addict now. They have some awesome stuff in there. I dont know if it was becuz its close to Halloween or not but they put all their women's shirts, skirts and alot of other stuff all for $3.50 each. Yikes! They had so much stuff that I wanted not just for Halloween costume but for myself.
Here is a picture of me in my costume. I think I did pretty damn good specially it only cost me $15.50 in total for my full costume down to the shoes baby!
A self portrait of my me in my costume. Can you tell I am really feeling this. I love how feminine I look and believe me I do not dress like this but I am considering it specially how much attention I got from hubby. I LOVE THIS COSTUME!
How can you not do a total closeup of the shoes. This is the sexiest angle I can do from the front it just does not looke sexy so you get a side view. Sorry didnt have time to paint my toes.

So to make a long story short this is what I found at Goodwill that day and it would have been more but I was on a tight budget so can you imagine my loot if I didnt hold back like a real responsible adult should. I love my costume and really feeling it. Sorry for the blurry picture my husband took it when we got back from the party so my hair is a little flat already. It was alot puffier when we left. I love love love the shoes.

Here is the rundown: green shirt $7.00 it is a tank and sweater (and look at the detailed pic of the buttons arent they sweet) $3.50 each, skirt $3.50, shoe's $4.99 and my apron I made out of an old white sheet. Added my ribbong that I got from JoAnns for 97.c and a big ole red fake flower. I actually saw that darn thing in the car on the way to the party. I thought it came out pretty good considering I have not sewn since I was in Elementary school. I have been wanting to make an apron since I think they are so femenine and sexy and for my first time it is great. But watch when I get my sewing machine I am gonna rock those apron.hehehehe

The other things that you see are 4 table placemats that I love and they were only $3.09 the glass candy jar is $1.01, princess puzzle that Isabella picked out $1.00 and another shirt in the back that is totally soft and comfy you guest it $3.50. Can you believe it. And they had so many other things in there that I would have love to take home. Specially the skirts they had sooo much. I so into the vintage look rigth now and can I tell you my husband love that outfit soo much he is like "You should really dress up like that all the time! I want to see you clean and mop the floor, you know that's how they did it back then!"hahahahah He thinks he is soo funny. But seriously he loved it! I just dont think I will be cleaning in that dang outfit specially with those shoes on. Can you imagine that that's how they really were back then. I could not have live like that. Thank God I was born in this era I would have suck as a housewife!


Jen Sue Wild said...

You look so dang cute I just love that you put this all together from thrift store finds.
I love thrift stores.
You rock girl!!!!
Jensue AMM

Gabrielle Beck said...

OMG...great finds!

Love the costume! :)

Amy said...

Oooo Wheee! Hot momma! You look great and at $15 you did great!! I loved the goodwill when I was a kid. That's the only place we shopped for Halloween! I swear they stockpiled all the fun goodies through the year just for that reason.
Have fun trick-or-treating!

your hubby said...

honey you look so nice.