Saturday, August 27, 2011

Teresa Collins Love!

I created this LO's for a Design Team Call. But they didn't make it, so I am getting to share them with ya. I know it's been a while since I posted stuff and you might look at this and say, eeeh its old already. I know, I know CHA just happened and this is so last season. But who cares darling!

I certainly don't. I am planning on using most of my stuff before getting the new stuff. And if we are being really honest here....right now I don't even know what the new stuff looks like. I have been in my own little LA LA WORLD to know what is going on in the scrap booking industry. As of right now I have no desire to buy anything. So in continuation of my little mantra I have been pushing on you guys all this year, I will be using my OLD STUFF first. Yep! I am making this a priority in my scrapping. No new stuff until old stuff is used. (We'll see)

All Girl!

Wow! No tittle.
Well that is it folks. I said I would share these LO's and here they are! Hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Sharing some of my Creative Charms LOVE!

It felt so good being asked to Guest Design Post for Creative Charms. Specially having been away for so long, being so busy with so many other things and not getting to do anything creative. So I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Midori for letting me in on this. I really am grateful and thankful for you.

Here are some of my work and I wanted to share with you using some vintage pearls and flower blings. They are just perfect little touch to add to your LO's to make them feel complete.


Here are some close up pics for the little details.

Here are some cards with a lil bit of pearls.



Well that's it for now! I have a couple of post coming up, with other LO's I have not posted yet. So, thanks for passing by and hope you all have a great day.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hello Strangers!

Wow! Did I fell of the FACE OF THE EARTH or what?

Ok, so to give you a quick recap as to why I just disappeared here's why.

My hubby is in the US Army and we were once again relocated. We are now in San Antonio Texas.

Yes! So you see, I had a good reason as to why I was gone. I was busy packing my house, getting last minute end of the year activities for the kids, packing and moving the entire household good, driving with 3 cars to Texas, finding a house, entertaining the kids since they are on summer break, finally finding a house, unpacking, getting the kids ready for school and now busy with trying to settle in the house feeling like home and the normal day to day crap!


Now that we got that covered, can I just say that blogging was not one of my MUST DO. I'm sorry about that but to be real it was not. I had to get a break from it all. But now that 99.9 % of my house is unpacked and I am finally getting the hang of things in the new place and new activities I am ready to be back. And nothing can beat being asked to Guess Design Post to start getting rid of my RUT. I needed the kick in the pants.

So folks, I'm back. I am hoping to good at it. But there are no promises. Nothing I hate more than saying something I will do and then turning around and not doing it. Anyway, just wanted to let you know all know I am Guest Designing for Creative Charms tomorrow. (Thanks Midori for letting me in on this.) So make sure and check it out at Creative Charms.

Hope you all have a great day. I know I had a long one, so I will see ya when I see ya.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sneaks for ya!

I have some sneaks for ya! I decided to try out for another term as a DT member for Your Scrapbook Stash. I thought about not doing it, since doing an entire family military move is hard, not having a place to live when we get there and then settling down when we finally did find a place was hard enough. But I love the company too much and they are really good to their Design Team so it is well worth it!

Here's a couple of sneaks of the 2 LO's I turned in for my submission. I thought I took detailed pics of the other submission but I didnt so I couldnt post them. I will though once the call is done.

Wish me luck you guys, I really want to be back in the team.

Hello Beautiful!
I really like how theses LO's turned out. And no matter what...if I make the team or not atleast I have 5 gorgeous projects that I am proud of.
That's it you guys. I cant wait to share the stuff completely but for now this will have to do. Thanks for passing by and hope you have a great day!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Last minute work!

Here's a LO for June and some 3x3 cards for May assignments that I created. I was really taking out some stress by scrappin. Because of that I was able to create more than what I needed for my assignments which is always great!

Anyhoo, here they are.


Used up some of my scraps from Aprils DT kit featuring Little Yellow Bicycle TWIG line for this LO. I am actually surprise that I was able to complete a LO with what I had left from the line. NICE!

Used some Heidi Swapp felt butterflies for a pop of color! Love it.

Here are some 3x3 cards using Teresa Collins POSH line that I was able to crank out at the last minute for my May DT assignments. Created them using scraps as well. Man I am doing sooo good using up scraps. Hey, you would be amazed how much you can get done when you put your mind to it.

I am going to give these to my kids teachers for their going away presents along with other cards I made for them. It's like an assortment of cards ya know! I am happy with they turned out. I think they are so cute. You can use them as cards or as tags. They are very handy!

Ok, that's it for now.

By now I should be on the road driving and on our way to Texas. Wish me luck and pray we get there safely and in good time. I hope I don't melt and get use to the HEAT fast. Living in Washington for 2 years, my body has gotten used to the cold. If it passes 60 degrees, we go nuts like its the best thing since slice bread. So I am hoping that the Texas Heat don't kill me. Yikes!

Thanks for passing my humble blog and hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Echo Park SPLASH!

Hey, hey! Here are some more YSS projects for you guys.

I was also given SPLASH line from Echo Park this month and they are so fun. The colors are so bright and fresh. Perfect for summer LO's and cards.

But first, I have to tell you guys something. I started creating my June projects way early using old products from previous months, cuz I wasnt sure my box would get here in time to make my June assignments. And because of that when my box got here I had to hurry up and create more projects with them. I was bit stressed out, cuz at the same time I was getting ready for the move (as you all know by now).

Anyway, these couple of pages are whipped up in a matter of a day.

So I am sorry for the poor picture not only cuz I was rushing to get them done but the fact that it's still gloomy here in Wa. and hard to get good pictures. So excuse me in advance.

Heat Wave!

Here are a couple of cards I created using the line.

Ugh! This picture came out so bad. Sorry for that!

I had fun with this next LO! I used up tons of the coordinating stickers from the line to create a beach scene.
Here are some detailed shots!
That's it for SPLASH for now! I am gonna come back and post a couple more LO's I think that I created as extra for my June assignment.

Hey! Make sure you guys check out the YSS Store if you want to pick up your own EP Splash collection. They are way better in person, my pics do not do them justice AT ALL! Phew!

Hope you all have a great day!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cards, cards, cards and more cards

Here are some more Basic Grey SWEET THREADS line for ya. I couldn't really help myself and had to make a bunch of cards. I used up mostly pieces of pattern paper, journaling spots, ribbons and stickers that coordinate with the line to make the cards. I used Stampin Up embossing folder and butterfly die cut. I mixed up BG and Echo Park (yellow PP).

Left this one sentiment free! I make most of my cards that way, that way I can use it with whatever I need at a moments notice.

Used Creative Charms pink pearls and SRM sticker smile sentiment for this card.
Used Stampin Up Journey Define your life stamps in the butterfly.


This is a very simple card using 3 pieces of arrow stickers and SRM (live, laugh, love) to create

the sentiment for the card. I know I am not the best card maker out there and my cards are simple, but I am really into it right now. I am telling you, I am slowly filling my card box again. Yay, for me! Which is always great cuz I have been using my cards up. Needing some refilling, that's for sure. Thanks for letting me share and hope you guys have a great day!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Whew! I am hit with a TRIPLE WHAMMY this month.

First:This is officially my last month term as a DT member for Your Scrapbook Stash.

So I am really sad. Booo!

Two: I am a little bit STRESSED OUT due to another military move.

Three: I don't have much time to do my projects due to the craziness happening around me.

I am cleaning, packing, sorting, organizing and purging...along with the everyday chores I have to do. It is a major pain the (A$$)you know what! Just when I think I am getting caught up I have a mountain size pile of laundry to be done, sink is full of dirty dishes and dinner is yet to get started. Goodness, this is a hot mess. Anyways....

On to some scrapping news. I was so lucky though, cuz this month I was able to play with some gorgeousness! Basic Grey SWEET THREADS line is soooo pretty! Man Erica sure knows how to make a girl feel better. ;p

I created a Sketch for ya and here it is!


Here's a close up of some details.

Man I am so impressed with myself! I cant believe I was able to finish all my June assignment ahead of schedule and able to turn them in and do my blog post. YES!

I think, because I am so stressed out with a bunch of stuff that I have to do around the house that, actually sitting down and scrappin released some of the stress. What ever it is I am grateful I am done and finish. Whew!

So, hope you all enjoyed what I was able to do with all my YSS work. Thank you for supporting me and leaving me wonderful comments. I am so appreciative of all of you. I am gonna try and do some post for my blog, before we start our move so there are some posting here. But still not sure. I am working on it so wish me luck.

Hope you all have a great day!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Once Upon A Sketch...

Yay! I can finally share my LO using Teresa Collins Posh collection.

We are sponsoring OUAS site this month and here is their sketch for May 15th. Please make sure to add typed journaling in your page if you decide to participate in order to get the full credit for it.

Here is my take on the sketch!

I enjoyed making this LO so much! I was really excited when I got his line and I think it shows. This line is just GORGEOUS..GORGEOUS...GORGEOUS! Nothing else to describe it.

Here are some close up shots for ya!

Make sure you guys check out YSS and OUAS. Here is a link if you guys want to check out their DT and YSS DT's take on the sketch. HERE!

If you decide to do the sketch dont forget to add your link to both sites so you can get credit for both. There are some great prizes to be given away and I would love one of my readers to get it.

Ok, hope you all have a great day!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Posh, Family Dynamix and Spotted Owl...

What am I talking about??

Well I am a very lucky girl, cuz I got to work with some fabulous lines this month of May. Your Scrapbook Stash DT are so spoiled, I cannot ask for a better gig than this.

Thanks Erica! You are freakin awesome.

Ok, now that I got the obvious butt kissing done, let me tell you what I got to work with. Last month I was sent Posh Collection by Teresa Collins. I was unable to finish any work to qualify for my DT assignment in time so I knew I had to work it in this month. I manage to use it for our sponsored site this month (Once Upon a Sketch). This Sketch is so much fun, I had a great time working with it.

Here is a sneak peak since it goes live on May 15th so I cant quite show it to ya yet. Make sure you check them out, to see all their DT's and YSS DT take on the sketch.


Here is a card below that I can show you since it's not part of the sketch. It is a huge card and bulky too. There is a TON of dimension to this. I still don't know if I want to give this away it is just way to pretty. This was so much fun to make and easy too. Can you see how I embossed the background card with cuddle bug font embossing folder? I love the look of this. So easy but look so hard. HA!


For my box this month I received Jillibean Soup Spotted Owl and Bella Blvd Family Dynamix.

Here is a LO using everything from Bella Blvd. I cut up the flowers from the pattern paper to create my own embellishments. I used some Creative Charms bling to add a lil somethin, somethin.

I mixed Jillibean Soup and Bella for this one. I cant believe how perfect they are together. I hand cut the water splashes and pop dotted them. So they stick out a bit more. They add just the right dimension to this page.

Well that's about it for today.

I will come back May 15th to post my other LO for OUAS using Posh line from Teresa Collins.

Hope to see you then! Have a great day.