Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Time to decorate

I finally got to finish my bat banner last night. So today I decorated the kitchen for fall/halloween and I love how it turned out. I might have to buy more stuff at the end of the season to keep my collection growing and I could do more next year but I love my simple decoration. I am still doing a little here and there using my scrapbook stuff so I might have to add more pic later.

Oh and I posted my work (little altered book for Meredith's Necessities challenge) @ Twopeas today and Rhona Farrer said that it was beautifull and she LOVED it! ha.... I cannot believe she would even comment on my work. I love and admire her work and products and to see her like what I made is such a complement to me. I am a little giddy I must say. I am sure she does it to be nice and I am sure there way soo many other people that are use to that sort of stuff but not me. I post and share my work no matter what and this was a work that I did without thinking about it just did it. So I didnt think nothing of it like when you are submitting work to be judge. And it just made me happy cuz it kinda solidifies what I believe in the first place. I create to create and love my work. And when someone you never expect loves it too make's you feel sooo good cuz you dont expect it you know, you didnt try out for it or went crazy thinking about everydetail so people can notice it. All I am saying is that I am happy other people like my art too and as far as Rhona its not cuz she is a celebrity its more cuz I think she creates amazing work and I go to her to be inspired. Am I not allowed to be giddy....I am human. Hehehehe I might have to come back later on today and add some more thoughts but for now I must get off cuz I am hungry and need to do a little more work around the house. If you could only see the clothes that need to folded and put away. Yikes.


Anonymous said...

good job babe. I like it alot.

jorge yo dady

RiNNE said...

great bat!! love the knightrider music that comes on on your blog!

Gabrielle Beck said...

Love the Halloween stuff!

Super Cute!

Gabrielle from AMM :)

dydrmLinda said...

Hey, I like what you did for Meredith's challenge! And I agree wholeheartedly about creating for creative sake, not to impress others. And did you ever think, maybe the reason that person on twopeas noticed and complimented your work because it really came from your heart and not meant to get compliments?