Monday, August 30, 2010

We are waiting for the TOOTH FAIRY!

Isabella is BEYOND excited that she had a loose tooth. She couldn't wait to pull that sucker off. Until of course when it was really time to do it. All she could talk about was her tooth being loose. So the other day (Aug. 28, 2010) we finally came to a decision it was time to pull the tooth out. At first she was game, then she realize PAIN might be involved.

So daddy, being the funny and crazy man that he is, asked if she wanted to do it the way he did it for our son Isaac. Which was tying a thread to the tooth...attached to the door and shutting the door and pulling the tooth out. Surprisingly she agreed! But as soon as daddy started tying the thread to the tooth she started to cry and get nervous. We tried a handful of times to get it tied up but she kept using her tongue to push the thread out. So, that plan was scrapped. We decided on the old method which was just pulling the tooth out by hand.

That sucker was holding on for dear life, even though looking at it it looked like it was about to fall off. We gave it a couple of try and finally after going back and forth daddy successfully pulled it out. Isabella did not even cry, she didn't even realize it was already out until daddy showed her the tooth. She went nuts! She had to make it a point to tell everyone in the house how brave she was and that she didn't cry and that she did way better than Isaac did when we pulled his tooth out. That girl was showing off and we finally had to tell her that being humble is also a good trait. We had to tell her be careful, Tooth Fairy might not like show offs! LOL!

She was so excited for the tooth fairy to come get her tooth and get money that she did not wait for me to put the tooth under her blanket. She did it on her own without telling me. Now, I put the tooth inside a tiny Ziploc baggy to keep it safe but she decided that it was better to take it out. This tooth was tiny. So when the Tooth Fairy came to check under the pillow and leave little Isabella money.....the Tooth Fairy could not find it. That Fairy was very worried and was looking all over the place. The problem was Isabella was holding on for dear life on the pillow. She had put her whole arm under the pillow, I think trying to catch the Tooth Fairy on the act! Silly silly little girl! After much searching, the tooth fairy had to give up. And will have to come back at a later time to collect Isabella's first tooth. Poor Isabella, she was so disappointed when she woke up and realize there was NO MONEY and worst the tooth was missing. I had to calm her down and tell her that the Tooth Fairy must have not come and we had to figure out why. I then told her the tooth must have been knocked off of the bed and we had to look for it.

Daddy, Isaac and Isabella looked and looked for it but no luck. Finally Mommy had to step in, with patience and determination I found that LITTLE SUCKER and rescued the day. We have yet to put the tooth under the pillow. Mommy had a 7:30 am app today and could not properly capture the moment without rushing the kids so I politely asked Isabella if we could do it tonight. Thank goodness she is a sweetie and agreed. So Tooth Fairy make sure you come over tonight and don't forget to leave chabella a lil somethin somethin for her extra patience. ;)

Monday, August 16, 2010

13th Year Anniversary!

Every year I cant help but be grateful for the wonderful & not so wonderful, sometimes stressful, mostly great, boring also fun, lonely sometimes overwhelming, loving & fighting and crazy time I have spent with my hubby. (No marriage is perfect and anyone that says theirs is...they are liars.) I can say that I could not picture or imagine myself with anyone else. So here are my 13 reasons why I love this man but sometimes want to kill him too.
1.No matter how much my hubby annoys or irritate or sometimes even the pain in my ASS.....I would not trade him for anyone else. Because he is also the first one to kiss it!
2. I love him for all that he is and all that he is not. I love him AS IS like the SALE items! Like I always say (Just as you are!)
4. I love him cuz he is a GREAT father and for giving me 2 wonderful kids.
5. He is also a GREAT husband.
6. He provides for us not just financially but physically and emotionally.
7. He sings to me and dedicates love songs for me! ;)
8. Never hesitates to hug, kiss, dance with me and love on me. NO matter who is around. Love that!
9.Makes my coffee on the weekends and lets me sleep in.
10. Puts up with my craziness and always tries to do it with a smile. hehehehe
11. He always says I LOVE YOU before going to bed and never leaves the house for work without giving me a kiss.
12. Gives me puppy eyes and puffy lips technique when he is in trouble or thinks he's in trouble. And no matter how much trouble he gets I cant stay mad long enough and always forgive him. He is the pain in my ass.
13. I can go on, but since I am only doing 13 reason here's my last one. I love that he LOVES me. He is my other half. He is everything I am not and without him I am incomplete. Every time he is away I feel sad and lonely. So for all the good times and the bad I wouldn't want anyone else there by my side but him. He makes me mad but the one that makes me the most happy and put a smile on my face. He is still the one that makes my heart skip a bit. And he is still the only one I see myself getting old with.
So baby besides the joking around, I am looking forward to many many more years together. My LOVE, Mi Amor, Mi Vida y Mi Rey....Happy 13th Year Wedding Anniversary. Thank you for everything. I love you with all my heart and soul. I miss ya! Can't wait for you come home soon!

My Minds Eye Sketch Challenge #14

Could not help myself, so I had to do another sketch challenge. Lucky for me My Minds Eye is having one of their challenges. I really like how the papers match these pics of my son riding his bike for the first time without training wheels. Yes! It took him a while to get the courage to ride a big bike but as soon as he got a hang of it, it was cake. He is a very careful boy, he does not like getting hurt! I don't blame him, he gets it from his mama! Pics were from summer of last year. They go so perfectly with the papers don't they?
I am so glad I am making a dent with my old pics. Slowly but surely baby! I am also happy to be scrappin again and using old stash. Well not really old, but I have made it a point not to buy anything new until I use up most of my stash lying around. Small victories my friends...small victories. ; p
Here is the Sketch below:

My take on the sketch:
Supplies: My Minds Eye So Sophie collection and American Crafts brown thickers.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

*YSS* Sketch Challenge

So honestly I have not touched any of my scrappbooking stuff for months. And worst, I should say a good thing is that I have not bought anything new in almost a year. So what's the best way to get my mojo going you might ask???? Doing CHALLENGES of course! I really think it gets me moving and scrapping. Nothing like a deadline to get my blood going. I LOVE challenges!

After getting back from my trip to Cali I decided to have a scrappy weekend. In fact it is still happening right now as we speak. Had to go online and see whats going and I happened to pass by Your Scrapbook Stash Kit Club and Store and saw that they are having a Sketch Challenge and decided to participate in all the fun. But I only have today to get this LO done and posted so I needed to stop scrapping and make a quick post. Here is my take on the challenge, I used the sketch from March 18th *(see below)*. I changed it up a bit to make it work for my pics but mostly stayed with the sketch as much as I could. Sorry for the bad pic, getting used to playing with my camera again and really need to get in gear as far picture taking and editing.

Here are some detailed pics of the LO.

Supplies: Jenni Bowlin PP, AC Thickers and Adorn It mini alphas. Created the flowers from JB pp also and cut out some flowers from another JB pp.