Saturday, October 6, 2007

I'm finally here!

Well I finally did it. Been dragging my foot, been lazy, no time and just plain questioning if I should make one. So as you can see I finally did it, I created my blog. I already had a myspace account but I was using it to get in touch with my family and friends that I have lost connection to due to time, distance and plain crazyness of military life. So welcome to my blog, I hope you all enjoy coming here and visiting me. I wanted to be able to share my love of creating art, scrapbooking, card making and anything I want to dable in that is artistic and inspire me to create as well inspire you.

Cannot wait to post my work here and feel free to share without hesitation. I sometimes come up with some crazy things, have so many ideas floating in my head, get all excited, talk to much about and get inspired by so many other artist that my husband cannot keep up with me. He just shruggs his shoulders, say's ok honey and smile and think I am so silly but loves to see me go crazy over something he does not understand anything about. Only when my project or object that I have been obscessing about is done does he understand or see and says. "Wow, baby that is great how do you think of things like this? I cant even draw a stick figure if it would save my life!" hehhehehe He is my biggest fan and supporter. I love him!!!

So anyway there it is my first blog. I hope I dont drive you all too crazy by my antics and plain crazyness at times. Also I will try my best to spell right since I dont really care too much becuz I want to express what I have to say and this is not school so I dont really focust on my grammar. Is that how you spell grammar? hehehhe.

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Anonymous said...

Hey you finally did it! Good for you woman! Now you can be free and post whatever LO's you want. Great music! Hope you feel better soon too. Laters.