Saturday, March 30, 2013

Some of my fave FEB Instagram PICS!
 Early morning trip to Ikea and Archivers
Super Bowl at the Llaviers house
                                                                 Valentine's Day Dinner
Us girls in the car after lunch after our trip to Ikea
                                                                    Rodeo night
                                                             Esteban's Vday decor

                                           Feb. Secret Sister Swap and monthly Crop night
                                                    Another Rodeo picture of the concert
                                                 My birthday dinner with the love.
              I would share March but I havent downloaded them off of Instagram. Will share those soon.

WOW! Over a year

"Oh Lucy! You have some splaning to do!"
Wow I cannot believe it has been over a year since I did a post up in this place. I am sure no one has read my blog in the same about of time. But here I am! If in some miracle there is one person reading this today I guess I better start explaining what the hell happened and why in the world I am back.
Well to make a long story short I (PCSed military term for>>) moved. From Washington to Texas. And it had taken me a while to get settled and had really great intentions in keeping up with my blog.
Well I failed! There short and simple.
Actually I have been thinking about my poor old blog for a while now. I have been meaning to post things here and there but tends to get in the way. And there's the...well I haven't posted in a while, nobody really cares, oh I'll do it later, it can wait and lastly I just forget. 
And as far as the reason why start again, well let's just say I am looking ahead. There's been some development in our current duty station and what's about to happened a year from now. I cant really say it right now since it is not confirmed but I will want to share a TON when it does. This is why I want to go ahead and start posting things again in my little ole blog so I wont just pop one day and start posting a load of crap. LOL!
In scrapping news I can honestly say I have never scrapped so much in my life. I have tons of LO's that I have done the past year. Although I have not been taking pictures of them since I am not really sharing them here. Before the move I decided to quit all my DT positions and also made the decision to not try out for any team for a while and to just go back into enjoying scrapping for myself. I am also doing Project Life this year and very proud to say I am all caught up to it. I dont do it weekly but monthly. I find that it is less stressful doing it that way. I created a folder that holds my pics for the month and print them all out at the end of the month. I am using mostly instagram pictures right now but will and should use my big camera more. 
I have found a lot of girls here that I scrap it. I am a part of a group named Scrappy Chics. We host a monthly crop and swaps. It has been really great getting to know them and getting to scrap with girls that just love scrapbooking as much as I do. It's really hard to find people that you can be comfortable with and I do with them. There's no competition or ego's or just ugliness. I like that! I'm so glad I got to know them. They are my scrappy friends.
Let's see what else? I guess that's it really. So there it is, my first post back in a very long while. I will try very hard to keep up with the blog but not everyday. I am being realistic here now. I will make more effort to post most of my work and most likely there will be plenty of catch up post about my work. I guess that's a good thing to do since it will be an easy way to post things of what I have done but not gotten to share.
For anyone that might have come across my blog I AM SORRY for such a boring blog and not updated at all. I know that possibility is slim to none that there's someone reading this, at least I am doing this for me. I will be posting a ton more soon enough and I needed to let this out.