Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Inque Boutique stamps

I created my own PP for the Santa LO using Inque Boutique stamps. I also made my own poinsetta flower with white and red felt. I know its a bit late for Xmas LO but I did this LO just before going to my trip to Cali and never got to post it.

Using my 4 year old Anna Griffin PP, a bit of bling and gold EP to creat this LO. I really luv how it turned out. It is simple but girly. My daughter luvs everything pink and the crown is just her style. She is truly my little princess.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Some cards to jump start my mojo!

This card idea got from a blog. Luv how the card stands up so its not your typical card. I wrote in the back. This is for my son's teacher, she is having her bday tomorrow. This card can also lay flat to store in an envelope and can be reposition to the standing position with a little refolding so it is really cool.

This card is from Split Coast Stampers website challenge by one of the girls. I luv it soo much I had to make one of my own. I wish my butt looks like this again but oh well. That's what happens when you have kids I guess!hehehehe Thats it for now. I am off to bed!

Monday, January 14, 2008


I only get to go home once a year so please excuse all the vacation picture's and nothing on crafting. I guess I am just so happy to be able to get to go home and see family and friends that I wanted to share it all with you. Hope you enjoy looking through the pics and seeing a little bit of what I was able to do with friends and family on our vacation. thanks!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My eye's says it all!

We got to go out with my high school friend Riza @ Dub Club. It was a Reggae club and I had fun just hanging out and chillin with her. I dont know if you can tell that my eye's are almost shut....hehehe can you say light weight. I have not drank alcoholic beverage's in a long time. Man they give strong Margarita on the Rocks at that place. The first cup was hard to drink it was soo strong but the second one and so on was easier and for some reason so fun. Hmmm I wonder why?

A little too happy!

Riza and a friend happens to be wearing the same shirt. She is not flashing her boobs although that's what it looks like. heheheh

Oh yeah! That's us driving home....I'm not driving obviously but can you tell I was happy. Jorge in the back seat. I cant really figure out what's that expression in his face! Thanks Riza although it was not as long as I wanted at least we got to hang out and drink together. Next time we'll definitely plan it better.

The real Taco Bell!

This is how a real taco is made. Freshly cooked from the grill with fresh homemade salsa. These guys were so awesome, I told them I was taking a picture of them so one of them went and grabbed his knife and started slicing away so I can take a picture of him doing his job and the other faced the grill and stirred the meat. They must have thought I was crazy taking pictures of them, but then again they knew just what to do hmmmm!

Do you want to see what a real taco looks like....well here it is. And don't be fooled although it looks plain this bad boy is oooooooh soooo yummy and fresh.
The salsa was a bit spicy and even Jorge was a little surprise. Anyone say hurtburn! I am so glad I was taking picture of the taco's when put his face towards me while pounding his chest and his face is like wooooweeee. Now that is a candid shot! hehehe

Jorge....such a mama's boy! I luv this picture of my MIL and Jorge just happy to be together again.

Cabin in Tecate Mexico

My FIL just purchased this cabin in Tecate Mexico for their vacation/weekend house. This is just the basic model house and they are now in the process of building to it and upgrading it themselves. It is such a beautiful and quiet place. Its right in the mountains and there was so much big rocks or boulders everywhere. Four wheeling or horse back riding is what is popular to do in the area so my FIL got a fourwheeler after we had already left and we should be able to ride it next time.The view is to die would have been awesome to be next to the beach or something but if you are looking to get away for the weekend and get rest and relax this is the place.

This is Jorge taking in the view. I was behind him and took the shot of him just standing there looking out. You can see how it just goes on all the way to the other mountains. We are soo excited about this cabin and even the kids loved it. Isabella did not want to go home. Now that we are back in Georgia she often ask when we are going back to the desert. I feel so bad taking her away from her cousins and activities she got to do in Cali while we were there.

A few close up's of the kids. The picture with Isabella is as is. I did not use any kind of software and look at how blue the sky is. I luv it. Isaac's pic was a littl bright so I just darkened it with HP photo image nothing major.
My Isaac! He really wanted me to take this shot of him next to the fence. He even knew not to look at the camera, he said he wanted me to take a picture of him looking at the views. huh? Ok you know when your own kids are positioning themselves that you take too many pictures of them. hahahhaha

They had such a good time. Isabella was playing with rocks and dirt. Isaac got to play with a sling shot and not get yelled at for being careful. Cuz there is nothing to hit accidentally. It is wide open space for them to explore and enjoy. So sad we only were there for an hour. They were just checking up on the place and they took us along so we can check it out.

And the last picture is a picture of all of us who went.It took a couple of tries but here is what I got from the timer. From top left MIL Isabel, Isabella, FIL Manuel, Lupita, myself, Jorge and Isaac.

Concrete Jungle

It was so gloomy and we a had a springkle of rain but it was beautiful. Luv the plant in the front lawn of MIL house and just took a few pics. I love how they came out.

I only had my digital point and shoot camera but I think it captured the mood that day. Love how the droplets of water can be seen in every single leaf waiting to drop.

I love this angle of the hibuscus flower because it shows how just a few steps out and you can see the concrete jungle of Long Beach. Notice how tall the fence is across the street. That is because my MIL house is directly behind a highschool. This fence is so high to prevent students from jumping out to ditch school. Dont ask me how I know this......not like I did that in highschool or anything. But I knew people who did. kwim ;) hhhhmmmm what memories I have!

A few more photo's of my visit to Cali.

I got to meet some awesome girls in Cali. I happened to be a member in their site A Million Memories and they are base in Long Beach California. I was so happy to have the opportunity to get to meet people that you normally see or talk to online. The online community is so big and sometimes can be misleading. So what a great surprise to meet people that are just as nice in person as they are online.

I got to meet Michelle (funny since we have the same name) first at Long Beach Memorial Hospital where at the time her daughter was being treated. My mom works at that hospital and I am always there visiting when I am in town to eat lunch with her so I asked Michelle if she wouldn't mind me visiting her and her daughter and she agreed. Little did I know how much fun we would have together just talking and joking around. Its nice to be yourself and someone gets you or your stupid jokes or antics! It was nice to see her smile and laugh although I know how much pain it must be to see her daughter sick. I have small kids too so I know as a mom how I would be feeling if it was my kid in that bed. She is gonna kill me showing this picture, I don't know WHY?

Man my digital camera sucks! This is soo dark and grainy. Thank goodness I have a better camera now and I promise will take better pics next time. From left to right Michelle Q., myself, Alison, Gabrielle and her friend. (Gab sorry I am soo bad with names) This are AMM girls out to lunch at Luccile's or Lucy's BBQ place. That food was awesome! Luv me my little ribs.

I was such a slow folk that day. I was the last to order food and ask too many questions and when we went to scrapbook oasis I was the last to come out. I felt soo bad, but you know when you don't get to go to a real scrapbook store (the ones with products that you actually like) you get visual overload and cant make up your mind. Yup! that was me. Sorry guys! I am so thankful for letting me hang out and get to meet you in person. You guys are just as awesome online as you are in real life. Cannot wait for the next time I go to California and set up another time to meet but next time we will have more time so we wont all have to rush home right away. How about that scrapping night/weekend would be really awesome, but of course with all the AMM girls from local area's. Man that would be fun!