Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spirit Day @ school

My son has spirit day today so who ever wears the most red will win in his class. I would have put him in red underwear too but he said "Mommy! they cant see that?" He also had red sock but we don't know what sock heaven it went to so we have to make do with this. Darnet I wish he had red shoe's. Who wears red shoe's anyways. Its all about spirit day baby? I loved those when I was younger and I sure am gonna love helping my babies participate in them. Magana power! hehehe
It is for a Drug Free thing they are doing. Red to symbolize stopping drugs from being a part of their lives. So yesterday I took him to Walmart and bought those $1.99 hair spray thing. Thank God its Halloween season and they are readily available. So I just wanted to share what he looked like today! Isn't he sooo cute! My baby......hhhmp.

Can you tell by the looks in his face how happy he was going to school looking like this. I was scared it was gonna be all over his face since it is so easy to run specially wet. And it was raining like crazy. Oh well it survived somewhat even with the rainy condition. All that matters is that he got to do it and this was a first for him. He would have never let me do this before. Now its cool to have different hair color so whatever! He is growing up sooo fast. I think he got so excited with looking cool that he got a bad color today in school for talking and loosing his patience. That boy! This will have to be scrapped and kept as evidence for the future along with many thousand others waiting to be put to use. Hahahaha.


dydrmLinda said...

what a fun day! He looks like he's having a blast.and he's so cute!

Gabrielle Beck said...

Now that's spirit! :)

Red hair! What a cutie!