Tuesday, February 24, 2009


OK, so Friday afternoon, after Isaac got home from school we started to prepare for the sleep over at my friends house. They are our good friends from our duty station in Lawton, Oklahoma. They have a son (Isaac's age) and a daughter (Isabella's age). So it's PERFECT! We have recently found each other after 6 years of being apart. The military world really is small and its great to have friends all over the world! tee hee! OK, so anyway this was planned by the guys so I was unsure with all the info but glad that the kids can get together for the night.

So after getting the kids ready, I got ready. Just in case Jorge decided to take me out. So, I got all dressed up (a bit...just looking cute) for my man. Thinking we will drop off the kids, chat a bit and get going. YEAH RIGHT! A quick drink and a chat over the kitchen table turned out to be an ALL WEEKEND AFFAIR! OH...my gosh...we took over the sleep over! So we ended up getting some drinks together, getting snacks out and playing a game of PHASE 10. Have you guys ever played that game? Well the thing is, Jorge and I were the one's to introduce this game to our friends while we were in OK. not knowing they will get addicted to it. We had to make a beer run, tequila run, snack run and wood run (for the fire pit) for the night. Jorge and Jr decided to start a fire at the fire pit, while Gabby and I chat and catch up over the years we missed. It was AMAZING! Even with the distance and time that has passed, we realize how much we missed each other and just so grateful that we are back together.OLDER....WISER.....THANKFULL....for the friendship and bond between us that till to this day is as strong and stood the test of time.

AAaah...how freaking great is that. The kids played and had a great time. The adults stayed up, drank, ate and had a great time. The next day (Saturday) after breakfast, I cooked for everyone. I made Pancit, Cabbage & Corn Beef and rice. We had more drinks, dessert and snacks. We kept telling them we will go home and we kept getting.....NO! You are not going home! So the whole day Saturday we watched movies, ate some more, cooked, played some more games and just hung out and played Phase 10 until 4:00 in the morning. I finally had to quit, cuz I could barely keep my eyes open....THANKS GABBY! Sunday we finally had to stop the madness. We all woke up late and we went out for some good ole Mexican food. It was the best weekend ever! I don't know if you have seen my other post....but I LOVE WASHINGTON! I have never been in a duty station where I am just happy and comfortable. Martinez family.....thank you for such a FUN FUN weekend! I think the next time we do this, it will be at our house, OK!

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Hey sweetie! I am SO glad to hear that you are happy in Washington. BIG BIG hugs and squeezes!!! Oh and Mick says to tell you he wants a rematch. LOL

Michelle @ AMM