Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I know I am way late to be giving any kind of critic for this movie since it has been out for a while but, man I cried my eye's out. Netflix finally came in and I got a chance to watch it today by myself. There's nothing like a great cry your eye out lovey dovey girl movie. I must say, I wish the movie was longer and they were able to extend certain scene's and prolong the love story but, unfortunately its not long enough for me. I think they took too much shortcuts showing their love for each other while they were apart.
So for now I am looking forward to reading the book, since I cant get enough to the two of them. If you want a simple love story.....that is realistic in many ways and just plain oh love of watching two people love each other and really want to pull for them to be together this is the movie to watch. I wont give too much details since its a simple story and don't want to give anything away. But if you are feeling like watching something romantic try this movie out. Just don't forget to have tissue in hand or wear a shirt you don't mind pulling over your face to wipe away the tears. hehehe which is what I did. I must sound coo coo but I am such a sucker for romance.


Anonymous said...

I went today and bought the papers from Colorbok from Michael's. The forest one and I also got the QueSera ones. They are so pretty. Trini said the forest one will be perfect for the pics of us camping. I guess Trini is planning a camping trip for I love the purse Jorge got you. I've been wanting a white purse too. He choose a good one.


Greta said...

Hey, if you don't have the book yet, let me send you mine. I read the book on the flight to Aruba and then the movie was shown on our flight back. I was so disappointed in the movie after reading the book. The book is really good, in my opinion. :)