Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My 31st Birthday party....

(cake similar to mine without the toping)

that we had last night (hubby's idea) was great! It turned out so well. It went from being a small intimate get together to a pretty big party. It was also supposed to be a going away party for my neighbor who is leaving for Afghanistan tomorrow. Jorge and I spent the whole day getting ready for the party, cleaning and cooking. It was great...although stressful it was fun for us to always have people over! Jorge made his famous greek food (greek salad>>YUM>>, lamb and sauce giro) and I my filipino food. I made Afritada, sweet and spicy chicken wings, rice and a bunch of other finger foods while waiting for dinner. I know its kinda weird preparing for your own party but I didn't mind. We like to cook and have get together and this was great for me to have a bday party at all. Just grateful that a lot of people showed up to celebrate it with us.

I heard this a lot last night!

"How did you meet all these people already???? Dang, you guys make friends quick!"

Hahahahha...what's funny is that we have known them for years now. It's just that being in the military you move around a lot. So you become friends with people, move and loose touch and all of a sudden be in the same installation, catch up and realize your still friends no matter how much time has past. This happens all the time, but this time, just with so many people right away. So far, we have met 3 or 4 other couples that used to be friends of ours from many many years, on past installations, that are here with us and its always fun finding out what they are up to and catching up on their lives. So last night was a great catching up and celebrating at the same time.
I got this from my hubby last night, which was supposed to be my valentines day present. But since my b-day is so close to valentines day, I always get just one present. I LOOOOOOVE love my purse. THANKS HONEY! Been wanting a really cool white purse and soo happy with this one! I also got some nice presents from a couple of friends.....thank you guys for that! Not expected at all. All in all a really great day! Hubby said he is taking me to go shopping for my earrings too. But since I got this bag, I really think I am good for now. Need to watch $$$$ and I am way too happy to ask for anything more.


Emily Jones said...

The party was so fun! Although we were so exhausted the next day! Did you ever find Jake's underwear???!! HAHAHA!

Loves ya!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that purse!!!