Sunday, February 15, 2009

How was valentine's day?

We did not plan on doing anything but ended up taking the kids out to eat dinner to a little Italian place (Mi Casita) that was oh so good and to the movies. We saw Pink Panther. We always try to spend time with them on special occasions not just by ourselves. We all dressed up and went out as a was great! I'm just bummed I didn't get to take a picture of us, we were running late for the movies.
My husband came home Friday night...after asking to go to Lowes with these beauties and chocolate covered strawberries. Aaaw, ain't he sweet! The tulips were just perfect for my pitcher to hold. He also got Isabella a giant valentines balloon (she is a nut for balloons) and chocolate covered nuts for Isaac. Thanks babe! You are such a great father and husband. Love you so much!

Believe it or not I have only eaten one of them! On that note, I shall get me one. YUM!
Just a close up of one of the tulips.
Hope you had a wonderful day with the one's you love! Remember, everyday should be LOVE day. Never forget to tell the one's you love them.

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Emily Jones said...

Happy VDAY! I had so much fun last night and Friday too! Can't wait to see you guys tonight and celebrate your bday!! MWAH!