Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quick overview....

of the past couple of months in our lives using pics. This way..... I can give you an update with out talking too much. Hope you enjoy them!

Our last Christmas at home in Georgia...well for now!
New Years Kiss '08 with my love. After being away for 4 months from each other we are just so happy to be together.

Our new home in Washington State and new taste of what life is like with snow.
Yes, that is my blue leopard jammies and I am wearing pink socks! I love those jammies and my warm fuzzy pink socks ok! Pic of me standing outside..cant believe it snowed all day long.
Patio furniture yet to be unpacked and placed in the right position. But I just love how the snow fell on everything and had to take a pic.
This is the tree in the front yard. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! This might be my Xmas card this year.
Isabella has been asking, begging and waiting to see snow. She has never been anywhere that actually snowed. So this day was extra special. She was sooo happy and excited and wanted to play all day long outside. I just love how her face shows how she was feeling that day. I will post more pics but just this for now.

Isaac just got off the bus and immediately played with the snow. I don't really know if this is healthy but we didn't care. We all had to taste it. LOL! Notice how he is not wearing his jacket, that is becuz it was soaking wet from him rolling around in the snow at school. Yikes! We must look like real new comers. LOL!

Yay! Jorge bought me new washer and dryer! We had to leave our W&D with our renters at Georgia so this took their place. We have been waiting to buy new ones and moving was a perfect excuse. Oh, and the bonus is Jorge actually loves the little gadgets and buttons that he has been doing the laundry. Wooo hooo! Notice the laundry inside yet to be folded, in the basket (over flowing) and on top that I cut off cuz I don't want you to see how much. LOL!

And lastly my front porch facing out. I just love the snow...well for now. So...that's it for now.


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