Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More CHA pictures!

This was the first night after CI party. First time meeting the AMM DT ladies. I don't really remember what we were cracking up about but it looks like it was really funny! ha. From the left Meredith, Michelle, Amy, Allison and myself. And we haven't even had drinks yet...talking about me.
A Million Memories own Allison and Michelle. Of course me in the middle. Thank you guys so much for letting me enjoy this CHA with you and the DT's. First day and we were already having the best time. I was so giddy to be able to come back and spend some more time with the both of ya.M&M's! Michelle and Michelle. I still think you look gorgeous in that sweater. HOT MAMA!
Showing a lil bit of luv and then of course a crazy picture of myself! Never fails!
We also got to meet Donna Downey and her hubby Bill. I wonder where the picture of that is? He was so nice and she was too. We caught them early on the second day of CHA before it got really busy. Which was a good thing cuz she was soo happy to take pics with us.
Michelle with Ms. Bowlin. Her booth is soo small but jam pack full of eye candy. She was very sweet as well in person. Gorgeous I might add from head to toe.
Anna Griffin and myself. I kinda stalked her for this picture. Some lady was talking to her forever and I just did not want to interrupt. That's just RUDE! But finally I got my picture. Her booth was so elegant and lady like. Kinda like how you would want your bedroom to be all girly. Luv all the stuff she makes. I am so glad AMM will carry a lot of her products and cant wait to get a hold of it. YUMMY!
Talking about yummy! These were hot in at CHA, they were all over the place. And not just in fabric even in paper. But I mostly luv the handcrafted one's made out of fabric or old sweater. Aren't they just the cutest little things. I wanna learn how to make these so I can display them in my scrap room.
A quick snapshot of me with a giant paper flower at the Salon Paper booth. They were really cute and I thought it would make my face look better if I pose next to it.
Oh and last but not the least the only picture we could snap the day we saw Lisa Bearnson. As I said on the other post she was with suit's and ties and Karen took a quick snapshot of her looking at some Elsie products. A big thank you to Karen for letting me post this pictures taken by her. Thank you Karen!

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Ahhhhhhh you guys look so bootiful!!!