Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dinner at the brewery!

Picture of everyone at the dinner party. It was soo funny I think just after this picture the girls in the back knocked down empty beer barrels in the back. And I took off running so I wont get blamed. It was soo loud I am sure the whole restaurant heard us. It was soo funny,its not like we didnt attrack enough attention with the whole bunch of us standin around taking pictures.
This is Alissa my long lost sister from another motha! hehehe This was the first night I met her and we both look at each other and said "you look so familiar, I know you from somewhere!" We never did figure out where we met before but we both felt a sense of familiarity with each other. We felt so comfortable that this picture says it all. Even my friend Michelle was wondering if I knew her and if this was a planned meeting and no it was not. I am just happy to get to meet girls that are awesome and fun to hang around with. Alissa is soo sweet and beautiful. We have a little challenge going on right now so will have to post that when we are done. We both won the same kit with the same exact stuff from Label Tulip so she turned around and said "I think a challenge is in order." hehehehe I am so glad to go to meet you Alissa.
One silly picture to end the night. These girls were so awesome and fun. Although I got stuck at the end and was so hard to get to talk to anyone I had so much fun. A little emotional but a great time. Oh and by the way the chef on that restaurant must have been in a bad mood cuz all our food was spicy as hell even the pizza sauce. hehehe


Gabrielle said...

FUN! Looks like you had a good time! :)

Alissa103 said...

Michelle!!! It's your long lost sister :) I just sent you an email... but I also haven't forgotten about our challenge! My Label Tulip kit is sitting right here on my desk awaiting a little fun for our challenge!

It was great meeting you (again? for the first time? Not really sure... LOL!)


Wendy Reed said...

Great pics!!! I wish I had gone. Boo hoo pout!


Leena said...

Michelle, thanks for dropping by my blog!! Great to see you and thank you too for your well wishes!! ;)

Great pictures here and looks like you had a great time! :D