Thursday, February 21, 2008

CHA Virgin!

First the flight to LAX. Just wanted a quick snapshots of my flight to LA. It was so early in the morning that I got to see the sun coming up. It was great to just sit there all by myself drinking my Starbucks coffee. And since I didnt have to share the area with another passenger I got to lay down and take a quick nap which was needed cuz I could not sleep in my hotel room in Atlanta. Cuz my hubby was not next to me!This is my first CHA so you will understand the volume of pictures that I took. I decided that since I dont know when the next opportunity will come knocking at my door I might as well take advantage and enjoy the event to the fullest. I did not hesitate to ask for pictures and enjoyed every second of it. I learned so much, got to see so much and met amazing people. Thanks to AMM (a million memories for this opportunity) Michelle and Allison were just awesome host and so glad that I got the chance to get to know them so much more. So shall we proceed with the abundance of pictures. Here are some of my fave's @ CHA!

The first night I got to go to the CI (Creative Imagination) party with Michelle and Allison and we got to meet Kristine Adolf. She has come out with some new products and my fave is using her foil and adhesive rub ons and creating this settle but unique look. I luv how she used just an ordinary dot adhesive to creat a look of dimension to this bird in front of this album. Its hard to see but man it looks awesome. She was really sweet in person too.

Of course Heidi Swapp. I luv her booth. Her new paper line is soo cool. She is soo nice and gracious as well as her sister Katie who was working at the make and takes. They were generous with their products and just nice. I was a little scared to ask but she was really cool and someone in the booth offered to take our pictures even before I could ask to be in it. So cool meeting her in person.

Elsie what a cutie. I waited until the booth was not soo busy before asking her. She was kind and sweet and didnt even stop a beat when I asked her if I could take a picture with her. I think it was funny cuz everyone I was with knew I was there to take as much pics as I can with people I wanted to get to meet in person. Christina Contes was there also on this day but she was busy doing a video interview of some sort so didnt want to bother her as well. She is much shorter in person and styling a new haircut and color.

The next day at Elsie's booth, Lisa Bearnson was there (happened to be picking up a receipt) but I didnt ask to take a pic with her. She was with a bunch of people in suit's and seem to be having some kind of meeting so I didnt want to bother her. Lisa is really tall and skinny in person. I admit it was a little intimidating asking scrap celeb's as we call them to take pics cuz you just dont know what they will say or how they really are in person. But all in all I had nothing but great experience Tim Holtz one of my fave's. Let me tell you it was soo hard to not ask him to take a pic with me. But I did not cuz he was in the middle of teaching a make a take or show of using his product. I remember meeting him before in Carson Rubberstamp show but he was not as big as now. And boy there was quiet a few ladies watching him so I settled for this picture of him teaching how to use his inks. He is very nice in person and very approachable. I was just too shy to ask. Wish I would have caught him when he was not busy. Actually I did on the first day he was just standing around with someone at this booth but again I was too scared to ask I was by myself so I just kept on walking. hehehehe Here is a really geeky story about this picture. I saw Ali Edwards the first night at CI (creative imaginations) party. She was getting her food just a few steps ahead of us and I wanted to just jump and ask her for a picture....but I didnt cuz I was thinking man she is wanting to eat I will leave her alone. So that night I kinda stalked her but there are too many people talking to her. So Michelle and Allison tells me its okay she will be at CHA and will bound to see her again. The next day I see her again and once again she is stopped by a mob of people and like a geek I am too embarassed to ask. So finally the day before the last show I see her crouching on the floor talking to someone but a friend or something and Allison and Karen convinced now is the time and she would not mind since there isnt much people around. As soon as I asked she of course said "of course no problem." Yay! Then she stood up and all I could say to her "Oh my gosh you are so tall and I am soo short!" How embarassing she just kinda laugh and said yeah! Out of all things to say I say that. She was very sweet and nice. HOnestly she was the whole show everytime I see her she is smiling and I bow down to her cuz the whole show (well when I see her)she would be showing off her shoes and they are high. I dont know how she did it cuz everynight I was dying and so tired from walkint. She was so cute with her outfits and shoes matching...she looked great the whole CHA. Its a good thing I ask her on this day since we didnt make it for the last day of CHA and even though its blurry I luv this picture this is just after I said how tall she was and how short I am. You can tell we were chuckling about it but inside I was embarassed. hehehe


Jen Sue Wild said...

Michelle you look like you had the best time ever. I so wish I could have gone maybe next year.
Hugs Girlfriend.

Gabrielle said...

OMG GIRL! Heidi, Elsie, Ali...TIM!


Charlotte Cramer said...

How Awesome!!!! Lucky Lucky!!! Thanks for letting us know all of your fun stories and for sharing the pictures!!! I am so glad you had fun!!!