Thursday, January 10, 2008

The real Taco Bell!

This is how a real taco is made. Freshly cooked from the grill with fresh homemade salsa. These guys were so awesome, I told them I was taking a picture of them so one of them went and grabbed his knife and started slicing away so I can take a picture of him doing his job and the other faced the grill and stirred the meat. They must have thought I was crazy taking pictures of them, but then again they knew just what to do hmmmm!

Do you want to see what a real taco looks like....well here it is. And don't be fooled although it looks plain this bad boy is oooooooh soooo yummy and fresh.
The salsa was a bit spicy and even Jorge was a little surprise. Anyone say hurtburn! I am so glad I was taking picture of the taco's when put his face towards me while pounding his chest and his face is like wooooweeee. Now that is a candid shot! hehehe

Jorge....such a mama's boy! I luv this picture of my MIL and Jorge just happy to be together again.


Jen Sue Wild said...

I miss living in CA and getting real Mexican food.

Gabrielle Beck said...


Ok I am so hungry now! :)