Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cabin in Tecate Mexico

My FIL just purchased this cabin in Tecate Mexico for their vacation/weekend house. This is just the basic model house and they are now in the process of building to it and upgrading it themselves. It is such a beautiful and quiet place. Its right in the mountains and there was so much big rocks or boulders everywhere. Four wheeling or horse back riding is what is popular to do in the area so my FIL got a fourwheeler after we had already left and we should be able to ride it next time.The view is to die would have been awesome to be next to the beach or something but if you are looking to get away for the weekend and get rest and relax this is the place.

This is Jorge taking in the view. I was behind him and took the shot of him just standing there looking out. You can see how it just goes on all the way to the other mountains. We are soo excited about this cabin and even the kids loved it. Isabella did not want to go home. Now that we are back in Georgia she often ask when we are going back to the desert. I feel so bad taking her away from her cousins and activities she got to do in Cali while we were there.

A few close up's of the kids. The picture with Isabella is as is. I did not use any kind of software and look at how blue the sky is. I luv it. Isaac's pic was a littl bright so I just darkened it with HP photo image nothing major.
My Isaac! He really wanted me to take this shot of him next to the fence. He even knew not to look at the camera, he said he wanted me to take a picture of him looking at the views. huh? Ok you know when your own kids are positioning themselves that you take too many pictures of them. hahahhaha

They had such a good time. Isabella was playing with rocks and dirt. Isaac got to play with a sling shot and not get yelled at for being careful. Cuz there is nothing to hit accidentally. It is wide open space for them to explore and enjoy. So sad we only were there for an hour. They were just checking up on the place and they took us along so we can check it out.

And the last picture is a picture of all of us who went.It took a couple of tries but here is what I got from the timer. From top left MIL Isabel, Isabella, FIL Manuel, Lupita, myself, Jorge and Isaac.

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Amy said...

Michelle it looks like you all had fun on your trip home. That cabin is cool! My kids would love to explore in a place like that!