Thursday, January 10, 2008

Concrete Jungle

It was so gloomy and we a had a springkle of rain but it was beautiful. Luv the plant in the front lawn of MIL house and just took a few pics. I love how they came out.

I only had my digital point and shoot camera but I think it captured the mood that day. Love how the droplets of water can be seen in every single leaf waiting to drop.

I love this angle of the hibuscus flower because it shows how just a few steps out and you can see the concrete jungle of Long Beach. Notice how tall the fence is across the street. That is because my MIL house is directly behind a highschool. This fence is so high to prevent students from jumping out to ditch school. Dont ask me how I know this......not like I did that in highschool or anything. But I knew people who did. kwim ;) hhhhmmmm what memories I have!

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