Friday, May 2, 2008

NSD Weekend officially starts today!!!

So where are you all going for NSD or what will you be doing? I hope that you got to see my post about NSD weekend crop at! It's going to be lots of fun but I am so so nervous. This is the first time I am hosting a weekend crop so I am excited but terrified at the same time. All I know is that Michelle has some awesome prize packages that she has put together for people to WIN. I wish I can qualify to win but I cant. But that's how cool the prizes are! I hope that if you happen to pass my blog and you see this and you are not doing anything this weekend pass by and see what I am up to and play along with me. Hah...I gotta keep this short I cant believe how fast the days are going and I have not posted in a while! Will have to share the pic of the new AMM KIT cuz it is beautiful. This is my first kit ever to play with or scrap with and I cant believe how easy it is. I mean, I guess its easy cuz all you need is there besides the glue and pictures. I literally made 3 LO's and 3 cards in no time. It was fun and it was easy. I also didn't stress a lot about my stuff! That is new for me....I guess that is why people are so in love with KIT's becuz of the convenience and easy factor to it. Anyway I am blabbing I will have to post a picture so you can see what I am talking about!

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