Friday, May 16, 2008

Book About Me Class by Karen Grunberg

I have been wanting to do a book like this for a long time and this is the perfect class for me. I am really taking advantage of this class to get this BOM done. I want it to be personal and real. About the real me, no holds bar....ME! I could'nt even start it cuz I had so much note's and so many different ideas of how I was going to conquer it. And finally I just had to let go. But first I took the time to write in a notebook everything I want to cover. I decided to cover the past, present and future of my life, as well as the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY! So it will not follow her class accurately but I will do what she covers in the class that makes sense and what goes with my BOM, but Karen has told me its ok. Since it is my book and it is about me it should be the way I want it. She just freakin ROCKS! I love the freedom that she gave to everyone that is taking the class. You can copy it or do your own thing.
So after about half my notebook full of notes I started my BOM. It was such a relief creating it. Although I have so much to do still, this is so far what I have and I wanted to share. I thought long and hard about sharing and felt I had to be real to myself and that it is ok. I have nothing to be afraid of and I should have no shame in wanting to acknowledge my past. This is past and not what is going in my life now. So I felt it is ok to share! I am a stronger person, happy and fullfilled with my life now. And I cant be me now if I didnt go through what I went through. I have yet to do, some of the harder topics I want to write about. It is hard to accomplish any pages when my back is not cooperating with me.So here are some of my pages that I finished. Still have lots to do but here goes.

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