Monday, May 19, 2008

I have my own Firskars Threading Water Punch!!!!!

Holy Cow!!! Ok so I went to my dentist today and after I was done with that I decided to go to Michaels on a whim which is right around the corner . I have not gone to my Michaels in a while becuz they never really have anything and can never find anything I want. So today I said...."what the hell, let's just see if they got anything new!" I walked pass Martha's stuff and nothing caught my attention. Look at the new Scrapworks PP pad and K&Co. Amy Butler stuff (grabbed one box of embellishment)Kept walking down every isle they have of scrapbooking stuff. Last isle and what is that I see? Can it be? No way!!!!! OMG!!! Hanging there, by its lonesome the most hunted punch in the scrapbooking industry......Fiskars threading water punch!!! YYYYAAAAAYYYYYY!!! I am jumping for joy and before I got too excited I looked around to see if anyone else is in the isle with me. I grabbed that sucker like my life depended on it. I held it close to my chest protecting it like my first born child. OK, I know how sad! I dont care! It's mine, I tell ya. It's MINE!!!!!! YIIIIPPPEEEE!
So to top it off, I stopped a manager and ask if there was any coupond and sure enough there was. She said to look for it the front so I hurried to see but it was empty. Shucks!! I ask the cashier and she say's "Sorry we ran out!" Dagnabit! So I see the manager again and I asked "well since you guys ran out of the flyer's can I still get the discount that's in it?" not really thinking she would say YES....but she said "hold on, I think I have one in the office." She walks to the office and hands it to me with a smile. This is a freaking MIRACLE!!! Is this really Michaels where I never get anyone to talk to me or answer my questions. Michaels that never has anything I want. OMG, it truly made my day, hell it made my week even month. I not only got my punch, I got it for 40% off so it came out to being just $9.00. HOLY CRAP!!!! I am the happiest girl in Grovetown. lol I also picked up the Amy Butler box of embelly which was 25% off so that was $3.00, 2 $1.00 stamps that are sooo stinking cute and I think a $1.00 wood flower buttons. So all in all it totalled $15.00 for all my stuff plus tax of course. But I feel like a real bargain hunter. I am very proud! lol I had to make a post about this, nothing exciting happens in Grovetown. So this totally counts as being one exciting day. OK, although my back is hurting I really want to play with my new toy. SEE YA!

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I'm jealous! I want one! :)