Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bad, bad...blogger!

I have been soo bad. I know....I know but right after CHA my kids got sick, then I got sick, then my hubby got sick. Coming back home and scheadule was a bit hectic and now I am getting better from another round of being sick. Eeek I have been sick alot, maybe its cuz of the weather changes I dont really know. I am now currently feeling better.
So what's new? Well we got word a while back that the Army might be moving us to Washington State. Soo happy about that but now just a couple of day ago was told we might be going back to Fort Bragg NC. Which I am not too happy about cuz I have been there so many times I would like to go somewhere on the West Coast. We have always gotten stuck on the South side of the country and I need something new. But as the military life goes nothing is ever written in stones so I wont worry about until I need to.
We are also trying to get the house ready cuz we need to sell it before the Army move's us. Before I got sick I was busy cleaning up, painting and getting rid of stuff little by little. But it is no use in my opinion. If you have kids you know what I mean. I feel like I do stuff one day and turn around it is there again. Ack! I am just tired I cant wait to get done with it.

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