Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Some Easter Pictures

This is an event hosted by the hospital where my hubby works. We didnt know anyone so we dont have a family picture. This is a picture of the kids with the funny bunny man as Isabella said. They had a great time and the candies are all gone kids had taken their baskets upstairs and ate the candy when they felt like it. I didnt know they had their baskets stashed away.....sneaky, sneaky.
This is the only picture of us together and of course I am squinting. It was so bright outside and perfect weather. We lucked out! I luv my purple dress I finally go tto wear it and it actually matches with my daughter and my son matched with Jorge. How cool is that and we didnt even planned it "I SWEAR!"Picture of hubby looking hot. He was watching the kids play and I just thought he looked so good I had to take a picture of him.

I luv this picture of Jorge and Isabella. He was blowing bubbles to her and the other kids but for some reason only she showed up in this one with hair blowing in the air. I luv it!

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