Sunday, October 17, 2010

Father and daugther dance 2010

My husband was finally able to take Isabella to a Father and daughter dance this year. Boy was she excited! Here she was with her hair and make up done. I did it of course. I went to You Tube and watched a couple of HOW TO videos on up-dos. I already had a plan but decided to with this. It was really cute on her and she loved getting ready.

Her dress came with a matching mini dress for a doll. But she wanted it on teddy so that's what we did. Here she was just dying to get into her dress.

Of course we had to take a couple of shots of her and her dress outside before going to the dance. With teddy of course!

We really wanted he to feel special so of course, flowers were in order. Just look at her face. She was so surprise. She just loved all the attention daddy was giving her. She was giddy all day and all night!

She was saying "Thank you for my flowers Daddy!" He adores her.

Proud DADDY!
OMG, I was so happy I found a perfectly matching tie that goes with her dress. It came out so perfect. I am SOOOO good like that! hehehe

It was so funny, my hubby asked her where would she like to go for dinner. And her answer was..."McDonalds please!" We just about died. You see we don't take them to McDees cuz they are just not that healthy. But she knew this was her chance and boy did she take it. And of course, Daddy had to do what she ask. It was her day after all.
Can you see how happy she was and look at my husband's face! Too funny.
This was her right after the dance. She wanted to put her flowers in a vase ASAP and she knew exactly where they would go. She said, "I knew that's what my room needed. It needed flowers! Now it's perfect!" Bwahahahahaha

We really wanted this to be a GREAT experience for her and let her know how special she is. One day she will be a woman and she needs to know how she needs to be treated and the kind of care and love she deserves. We want her to grow up to be a strong and a smart girl that knows her worth. Of course you can never fully control or decide for them or how they should live their lives or who to be with. But what we could do is show her and lead her until that day comes that she decides for herself. And hopefully she makes good decisions for her life.

I thank God that I have a wonderful husband that is willing to do what ever it takes to make our daughter and son feel good and feel special. He loves and adores them. They grow up so fast and we take full advantage of these moments because one day this will be but a distant memory. But for now we will enjoy them as much as we can!


Rach H said...

What a beautiful evening! Wonderful pictures and your daughter is really beautiful! The dress she wore is gorgeous! I love what you are teaching her about how she should be treated someday!

Tanya Tahir said...

Such beautiful photos - wow!! :)

LG said...

such precious photos

GretaB said...

Awww - so sweet. Little Miss Sunshine looks so adorable. And her daddy cleans up pretty nice too. ;) What a special thing for her.

Anonymous said...

Your dd looks gorgeous & your husband v.proud too, bless you's cotton sock's!

Arlene Camacho said...

oh, things like this always brongs a tear to my eye. your daughter looks so beautiful. It's so great to see how she adores her daddy, and he adores her too.