Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pictures for DADDY!

Since daddy is away for a military training, the only communication is through phone, text, email, blog or Facebook. And since Chabella has been on a fashion craze, daddy wanted to see what all the buzz was about!
Wednesday was a pretty boring day so I decided to take the kids to walk around for a bit, thinking I will pass by Marshalls to see if I could get this dress form that I was eyeing, but walk away from thinking it will be there later. Well that was not the case since all the clearance items have all been taken away. Which made me really sad. So as we were walking out we happened to pass the kids area which is a bad bad place. They have too many cute things. So a last minute walk through at Marshalls became a shopping craze for the kids. Well for Isabella anyway!
So daddy here is the first outfit that your daughter picked out this morning to wear to school! Isabella had gotten up earlier than me, which is nothing new. She usually sits in the living room/dining/kitchen area to watch her cartoon and eat gogurt! But when I got up, she was already dress. I mean with shoes and jacket ready to go. LOL! She was soo excited to go to school to show off her new outfit. It is not fancy or brand name, but my daughter loves skirts. She is a girly girl! And she is Hannah Montana, Barbie Princess and SUPER MODEL in her own little world and we let her! If you could just see the poses she was doing last night as we got home from shopping. Well cuz you know we had to try on all the clothes again with all the new shoes right?

A close up of the skirt she just LOVES! She was jumping and twirling trying to get the skirt to move. hehehe

And these are her new fave boots right now. They are Rachel Ashwell shoes totally bling out baby! I also got her a couple more knee high boots and I am sure I will be taking pics of those tomorrow. Well see what this diva has in store for me tomorrow! Oh she tried to tie her own shoes...can you see?
Wathca think?


janis said...

hi michelle!!! found your blog and linked it to mine!!! can't wait to have fun with you over at aam!!! see you at the boards!!!

Anonymous said...

nice pix. Isabella is crazy. I love and miss you guys.

I love you guys. Daddy

janis said...

hey michelle. me again - - so officially amm is 1/3 pinay. LOL. go go go pinay!!!!

Michele Brooks said...

Hi Michelle. Your daughter is such a cutie and I love that outfit! Those boots are totally rockin! See ya around The Nook! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Bethany Kartchner said...

She is so cute! Love that outfit and smile! :)

Mo said...

she is adorable! love the outfit...great fashion sense!!! i LOVE the photo of her shoes because she tied them precious.

Anonymous said...

those shoes are too cute! She's so fashion! Like Trini would say...hehehe


Emily Jones said...

Awww, look at Chabella! Tell her Miss Em said she is beautiful! Love ya!