Sunday, October 18, 2009

Much needed update!

Wow! Time goes by way too fast. I cant even tell you how many times I have said, I am gonna update my blog and share things as they happen. RIGHT! But life has a way of getting in the way and there's just not enough time in the day to do all the things that need to be done. Unfortunately my blog happens to end up being at the end of the list. Sad, but true! No excuse here. So....sit back cuz I am about to give this blog a much needed update with all the things that are going on right now and what we have been up to.

Scrap happening
I have so many pages and cards that I have to share with you guys. This month My Little Shoebox DT got the opportunity to work with Hero Arts Stamps. Did I have fun playing with their stamps! I got to play with the set of 4 Owls and butterfly. I also got to play with the Robots Line and In Bloom. I will upload my LO's and cards as soon as I edit them. I hate putting up dark pics, but that's when I end up getting behind on my blog cuz I have all the good intentions of posting them and then I get overwhelm and not posting as I should.

Besides finishing my assignments for MLS, believe it or not I have not touch my scrap goodies at all. My table is clean and organize but no scrapping yet. My mojo has left me and I cant find it. I really do need to get some work done, aaah it's frustrating. Dont you hate it when you need to scrap and nothing happens. I do not like to scrap when I am not feeling it. I never ever create a page when I am not in the mood. Otherwise I will hate what I make and I don't like that. So anyone that has mojo to spare, send it my way please!

Home front

Hubby just left for San Antonio Texas last night. He will be gone for a whole week doing a competition (Expert Field Medical Challenge). Poor thing, they had to take a red eye so he is tired. I just spoke to him a lil while ago and they were able to get dinner and now in the room getting all their gear in order. Funny cuz, when he gets ready to leave for these things I always end up helping him pack up all his gear. He is not too good in the packing department. Well, not that he's not good but just that I am better and he likes it when I help him. Nothing like quality time packing military gear together. hehehe I don't mind really, what ever time I can pack in there to be with him.

Oh! On that note, I do want to share how proud I am of my hubby. He was nominated to received the MacArthur Award. Oh my gosh! What an honor and a complement to all his hard work. I know that he is in the running with ALOT of other people and it's not guaranteed that he will get it, but none the less I am SOOOO PROUD OF HIM. He was nominated anonymously by his peers, which makes it better. He did not see it coming at all. I just wanted to share that, cuz really... not becuz he is my husband but, I do think my hubby works his butt off and does a great job. Just to be nominated is enough for him really, cuz the biggest compliment of all is that his peers respects, appreciates and believes in him so much they nominated him. Make's me so happy!

Halloween sleepover party
My son has been begging me to throw him a Halloween sleep over party. Man! He wants it big too. So now I am in the process of creating his invitation for his sleep over, planning meals and games. He is sooo excited and happy, he cant wait to decorate the house. I hope I don't disappoint him cuz I think in his head my whole house will be transformed into a haunted house. I think he thinks its gonna be a huge party. Don't tell him but that's not how its gonna be. Bless his heart! I am excited for him though cuz this will be his first sleep over party and it was something that he had planned himself (with my help of course).

Where the Wild things are

We took the kids to the movies Friday night after hubby got off of work. He was leaving for Texas Saturday so we wanted to do something fun with them before he left. He took us out to dinner and a movie. We saw Where the wild things are. It was a lil too deep for my 5 year old girl but they both enjoyed it in the end. Both of them cried at certain parts of the movie and laughed a lot. The song was stuck in our heads until the next day...hehehehe. It was a really cute movie but I did not expect certain scenes to be so rough. All in all we had a great time. If your kids are older 9 and up I recommend taking them to see it. We could have waited for it to go on DVD via Netflix but we wanted to see it in the big screen. LUV those characters! They did a great job with the characters specially how big they were and how realistic...well I dunno how to explain that, those huge costumes looked real or life like. HA.
Fall has finally reached Washington. I love it! It's getting really cold here and has started to rain as well. I have had so many different take on the "SEATTLE WEATHER". I was a lil worried before moving here, but happy to say that I love the weather here. I am a home body and we love to watch movies. So this place is heaven to us....well close to it. I have picked me up a couple of new sweater jackets and has started to pull out my cozy sweaters. Cannot wait for the snow! Really, I cant wait. Hopefully with all this rain we are getting and no choice for me but to stay in doors I will get some much needed scrapping time. Sorry for the long post, I tend to blab on. But hey! You are now officially updated when it comes to my life. HAHAHA

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