Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Went THRIFTING today!

Ugh! I have been stuck at home all weekend long. I got sick all of a sudden, with a horrible headache and thought I had an ear infection but thankfully disappeared the next day. So today, before it go too late I had the urge to just go out and walk around. I went to this place called Value Village....it is a second hand store. I had never been there before and for some reason wanted to check it out today and see what I could dig up.

Wooo.....weee! I score big time. (Will edit this post with pics, too dark now so will take pics tomorrow)

I spent $37.00 and here's what I got:

For my son:
4 long sleeve shirts (Quicksilver and Old Navy brand) $2.50 each
1 collard short sleeve shirt (Quicksilver) $2.50
1 jean pants $3.50
1 almost new Athletic Wear Snow jacket for a WOOPING $1.50

for my daughter:
1 brown pants Childrens Place $2.50
1 white tank Childrens Place $1.00
1 white skirt Childrens Place $1.50
2 Bratz dolls with clothes $1.50 each

for me:
short sleeve sweater from The Limited $3.50
Nice wire basket $2.50
3 vintage dress pattern .69 cents each but with 50% off
1 stamp set for my neighbor teenage daughter with her name $1.00
I also got these brushes looking things but made with metal. They are heavy, I have seen alot of scrappers use them as card holders. I got 3 in a bag for $2.50.

Oh man, I am soo happy I got some really good deals. I got lucky enough that I checked VV today becuz they just happened to have 50% off on everything. Whew! Gotta love good deals. Will edit this post with pics.


Greta said...

Man, you sure scored some great deals! I wish I had the patience for thrift store shopping. Maybe someday...

Elizabeth said...

Value Village rocks, we go there every Sunday! :)