Saturday, July 11, 2009

Downtown LA goodies!

So I don't know if you knew but I am in Cali for a month long vacay! Will tell and show you more pics later. Anyway, I am having a great time with the family and got to do a lil shopping at Downtown LA yesterday with the kids and my SIL! This was one of my MUST DO while here in do some shopping in LA. I know they have tons of goodies there. These are the pics to show you my goodies. Soooooo freakin excited to play with them. Yay!
I put my hand next to it as a reference to show you just how much is in there. You cant really tell how much if I don't do it.
Oooh I have so many plans for these clear flowers. They can go as is on a page of other flowers. YUM! This bundle for the whole bag was merely $5.00 It does not look a lot but believe me there is a TON in the bag. Well worth the money.

Look at these freakin butterflies. They look so GORGEOUS in person. The big ones were $5.00 a dozen, the middle size are $4.00 a dz. and the small once are $3.00 a dz. Do they remind you of new Prima butterflies??????? Babababy!
Look they already have the pearl centers and gem in them. Soo cool! These were Big size: $5.00 a dz., middle size $3.00 a dz. and small $1.50 a dz. WHAT UP?

These flower bundles are sooo cute and pretty. Small flowers were .50c a bundle and the big flowers were $1.00 a bundle
I have some trims and scrunched up ribbon in there that were ranging from .50c to $1.75 a yard. Not bad eh people? I luv wholesale prices don't you? I think I am good for a while. I am supposed to go back next week so I am looking for some vintage buttons for my next trip. I hope you enjoyed some of my eye candy!


Nita said...

oh can I come play??? my gosh such goodies! have fun, girl.

Zarah said...


Sheila said...

These are so much fun! Lucky girl!

Jenyfur said...

Oh wow - what GREAT finds! You know how to shop! Thanks for sharing pics.

Gabrielle said...

OOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! I wanna go! You HAVE to email me and tell me WHERE TO GO! :)

I'm so jealous! I WANNA GO! LOL

*Monica* said...

Great haul! Those butterflies do look just like the Primas. I am so envious!

BonnieRose said...

omg.. u really scored.. I'm hoping to find some of the same stuff when i go... u'll have to email me at and tell me where u went.. names/address.. I just might go to the same places...
was the public allowed to shop there? or was it just wholesale??