Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some pics to share!

This is my hubby's family. My mother in law, father in law their kids including hubby, myself and my kids. We took this before Omar had to leave back to Mexico. We always try to take family pictures and this time we were all there. It is our little happy family! The first picture is a serious one, but the second one would probably the one that describes us the best. LOL! The not so serious picture. We mess around too much and always have good time. I love that we don't take ourselves too seriously and find humor in everything that we go through! Dare I say this......I LOVE MY IN LAWS! : )
From top left: Omar, Ama Isabel, Manuel, Jorge and Emily.
From middle left: Allyssa, Jakob, Isabel, Me and Isaac
And the bottom two are Isabella and Lupita.

There you have you it. TFL!

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Anonymous said...

Hey hey Girlie Girl....long time...miss you! Call ME!!!! 875.3839 you know the area code..... catch me up!
~your long lost friend