Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pocket size bragg book!

Made a mini brag book about my house. At this point in time we were selling the house and I figured I better try and capture everything that I love about this house. After is our FIRST ever house. I figured once we sell it, that's's no longer mine. And I wanted to remember everything about it. We never did got to sell the house due to the market and ended up renting it out.
Lot's of October afternoon and this is a mini house chip board...don't really remember the manu (will look that up). It is small enough you can actually hang it on your purse and of course it could be about anything you want it to be. Printed out pics of the house, cut them out to the same shape as the house and glued them on. Not much embelly's to keep it simple. Add a ring to hold them together and that's it.

Positioned it next to the scissors so you can see how small it is.

You have to excuse the messy table. I literally snapped the pics after I finished making it. LOL! What? I was excited!

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