Sunday, August 17, 2008


Saturday was our official Anniversary and I am glad we had the chance to celebrate it....ALONE.... TOGETHER. The only thing that was bad, was that I didn't get to take a picture of it. HOW SAD am I? How could I do that? I cant believe, an avid scrapbooker and picture maniac.....ME....didnt take any pictures.
We got to dress up a little and when I say dress up, I mean not in our jeans or shorts. hee hee hee. We had a couple of people offered to babysit the kids and of course we took the chance. We got busy during the day trying to look for places we could go to that we normally don't get to go and finally came down to this fancy smancy French restaurant in a hotel somewhere and Bonefish Grill. I really didn't feel necessary to go to some place fancy and spend crazy money on food so I asked to go to the latter. Bonefish Grill it is!

It was actually not bad and pretty good on the price I might add, for someplace a little nicer than the norm. It may not have been fancy or totally overboard but it was nice to just sit there, talk, laugh and spend time together like that. Jorge had quite a few of their drinks so he was good but I myself cant drink before eating. The food was GREATE! Jorge ate all his but I couldn't. After eating the appetizer (fresh fried calamari) and sharing Jorge's clam chowder soup, I barely touched my dinner. But it was great. I think we are going back there again. It was a seafood place and we decided it was best to order everything seafood instead of pasta or steak. DUH! We had a great time and we even had a chocolate brownie with ice cream that our waitress had put a candle on for our anniversary. It was really sweet of her and we blew it out together. I secretly wished for a hundred more anniversary together. Fingers crossed it comes true. : )
After dinner we went to the movies and we saw the new Batman movie (The Dark Knight). We have been wanting to see it for the longest time and boy was it worth it. Nothing like a grown up movie you can just sit and enjoy with out any interruption from the kids. It was kinda long and a bit weird not having the kids but it was great. Man, batman looked good in that movie. I really enjoyed it.. can you tell. And that's it, nothing crazy! Just a great time with the one I LOVE!

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Karla Smith said...

I am so Glad you had a Happy Anniversary.... You two are such a cute couple..