Friday, August 29, 2008


So I had a little photo session with Miss Isabella today, just before taking her to school. It's BLUE day at her class so we had to pick the perfect outfit for her to wear. I thought she was gonna wear this for picture day but, I dont think they will have one at this particular school. So anyway, this blue dress is so dang cute I just had to take pictures of her in it. I wish I would have remember to take pictures of her yesterday, it was PINK day yesterday and she had on pink from head to toe. So cute! Darn! Anyway, here it is.....her blue dress!


Greta said...

Oh my goodness - these are the cutest pictures! She is adorable. You need to use the OA hometown line with these pictures - the blue houndstooth will be perfect!

Jen said...

She is so darn cute Michelle! I love that dress and those boots....too darling!