Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sorry been busy!

So I have been kinda busy and have not posted. I really have been wanting to but just got a little crazy. I wanted to share our Halloween pics. so here they are:
I usually let the kids do an activity before we trick or treating and this year they got to make their own baskets. They had so much fun and Isaac got a little creative and made his skull look grumpy instead of smiling. I had to help Isabella a lot cuz it was a lot of work wrapping the bucket with those fabric. She put the eyes all by herself and she was excited about that. She was already wearing her cheerleader outfit the whole day. I had to make her wear a long sleeves shirt cuz it has been getting cold here. But she still luv it though.
They also got to make their own foam scene. Isabella's was a Princess tower and Talita our next door neighbor helped her a lot by putting it together. It was a little too much for chabella but she enjoyed posing next to it. It is still actually placed in my bar area in the kitchen.
Isaac had the cemetery scene which he thought was just cool. Can you tell by his face that he is enjoying this way tooo much! Its kinda hard taking pics of him right now cuz he thinks he is too funny and make the silliest faces. Talita got to make this with Isaac as well and after wards they all ran in the backyard to mess with their buckets. They almost put dirt and water on them and I had to tell them its for their candies and they put them inside soo fast I didn't even have to yell! Yay!

Below is a picture of Isabella (cheerleader), Isaac (Darth Vader) and myself (40's mommy). My hubby came home late and didn't get to dress up. He opted to stay at home as usual and give out candies to the little kids. Seriously my boobs look so big in this picture its not even funny! But baby I am proud to say they are all mine.....all natural!

Jorge enjoying my outfit he wanted a silly picture of me. I would have worn my beautiful shoes I bought for this outfit but could not see myself walking up the hill and around the neighborhood with them. Plus it was kinda cold so I figured I could rock the socks and flats. I would have love to put my hair in a much puffier state but ran out of time and it got dark quick and kids were already knocking at the door. Oh well I still looked cute I think! hehehehe I should have held a baking pan or something and all I had was a stinkin bucket.

Picture of Jorge with the kids. Can you tell he was relax, little bum! That's alright, me and the kids had fun but Isabella quit half way but still manage to push her to walk all the way home. Although I had to hold her pom poms cuz she wanted to hold her bucket and got heavy after a while. There was surprisingly a lot more people in our neighborhood than last year so it was fun walking around. It was a little disappointing that not too many parents dressed up this year!
On other news:

This is what I have been up to. I have never participated in blog challenges but this time I have found some good one's that really inspired me to do it. This LO is for 2 challenges (OLW and HMITM). I had to use the work Delight for OLW and used Bling for HMITM. I luv this Daisy D's paper and enjoyed making this LO. Luv the bird and really wanted to feature him!

Here is a closer pic of the bird I was talking about. I think he is soo cute.
Below are my submissions to A Million Memories xmas tree contest. The rule is to make a LO, card or altered item with your own design of a xmas tree. It also said to be creative and step out of the box. I got all kinds of crazy ideas in my head and these are the ones that came out first. I have more I want to do but for right now this is it.
First is a simple card that I wanted to make look vintage. Used vintage cream ribbon and layered them to create a tree. I like that its just simple and to the point. I will probably add some small presents under the tree to make it more elaborate later.
Here is an idea I thought of first. Used empty ribbon holder/spool thingy. Covered it with PP and used ribbon to hold them together. Well I also used tape in the back to keep them in place and backed it with a matching green paper just for back up. I also used green,black and yellow ribbon from Autumn Leaves black bird buttons.
This is by far I think the most out there. I loved the Heidi Grace PP that had cupcake on it. So what do I do I create a giant dessert xmas tree. I thought it was different and supposed to look like the ice cream you get at McDonald's the white one. I even created a cupcake tin with frosting for the bottom. It is made out of white tissue paper, cupcake for ornaments and cut out the left over paper into little pieces to stimulate sprinkles. I made a cherry put it on top and couldn't help but add glittered butterflies for fun.
Isabella loves this I am putting it her room. She knew it was a xmas tree and that made me happy. Seriously it looks alot better and fun in person.
Here are frames that I got at dollar spot at Target last year for $2.50 for clearance or half off so that would make it $1.25 for the 3 of them. I added a gold star garland and created little trees and attached to the front of the frames. Used stickers for the work JOY and walla a xmas decoration. Very simple but very fun.


Jen Sue Wild said...

You have been very busey...
I love what you have made you are so dang talented..
I just love the cup cake tree. It makes me feel all child like in side..

Michelle said...

What a fun Halloween! I love your outfit! Its so unique! It definitely looks like you've been busy. What great stuff! It would be fun to meet you but I understand that you are coming out for family holidays. I hope you have a great time. Thanks for such sweet comments on my blog!

Gabrielle Beck said...

WOOHOO A new post! :)

I love your costumes for halloween! Super cute!

Your LO's and projects are GORGEOUS! I love the tree projects!

You sure have been busy!

Cathy said...

Hey girl, I don't know if I said it enough but your cupcake tree is awesome! Even better IRL! Love the new LO with your daughter. That bird is gorgeous and so is the pic!