Sunday, November 18, 2007

It was a busy Friday!

Isaac had a field trip to see the Nutcracker at the local theater downtown. Would have love to go to that with Isabella but I had to go to my hubby's Thanksgiving party at work. I spent two days preparing for this party. The first day was grocery shopping and wrapping all the lumpia's for the party. The next day (Friday) I spend cutting vegetables for the Pancit (noodle), cooking it and frying the lumpia's. I was 30 min late for the part cuz it took forever for the lumpia's to cook sheesh. I only make these for special occasions but they are soo popular that everyone pretty much requested that. I didnt even take home anything back they ate it all. I was trying to sneak out with some Pancit but someone stopped me and said "uh your not taking that home, you can give that to me!" Huh! But of course I gave in and gave her the last bit of it. Got home and remembered I put a plate of it away for us. Yay! totally forgot about that. I have a little bit of the lumpia too but that is going to a friend as well.

So here is what I have been up to! I was asked by my husband's secretary to help her with a wedding album for her brother. She bought the album plain but wanted me to spruce it up a bit and her is what I came up with. The colors of their wedding are silver, red and black. I got this book Friday also and finished it today (Sunday). Its a good thing I don't have to do much on the inside. It is just a plain album where you slide pics inside. I did a little extra for her by adding a first page where she wanted to put the invitation and I also added a little something for the pages just to make it feel more like a real scrapbook. I hope she likes it! I had to get it done since I am doing another wedding album that I still have not finished. But the second one I am doing all the pages so it is taking a lot more time.

I have also been working on my LO's for the Ink Boutique DT call. I have one more LO to do and I am done. Unless I am not happy with what I have now and keep working on it till it is due or until before I leave for Cali. I want to post them here but don't want to take a chance to I will post them when the contest is over or will do a sneak peak without revealing too much. I don't know how this is gonna pan out since next week is Thanksgiving, Isaac is out of school, cousin is here for TG and having people over as well as getting ready for a 19 day vacation. Wowser! I have a lot to do and not soo much time. But I love the pressure so its ok. I can do this......I think. Ha!


Gabrielle Beck said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Lumpia's! I LOVE lumpia's! My sister-in-law is Filipina. :) YUM!

Gorgeous album you did! What a great gift! I love your stuff girlie! :)

Jen Sue Wild said...

I just love Lumpia and panset... They both are favorites of mine.. I had a good friend in Cali who would always make me both she loved to watch the joy in my eyes when she brought them over to me..

Your Albums are just so Gorgeous.. You are so talented girl...

Anonymous said...

OMG! That album is amazing! I love it! But of course, I love all your work. It's really beautiful Michelle. Who ever it's going to is going to treasure. Or at least they better!