Friday, June 6, 2014

What we have been up before the big move!

 Isaac graduated from middle school. HOORAY! I cannot believe he is going to be in High School. Man how time flies. A day before the last of school they had their graduation.. I didn't think nothing of it since the school is so small and they never do anything for the middle school kids. Well they had a big tada for them. And so Isaac decided to go ahead and wear his nice clothes for the graduation all day. Apparently a bunch of them were doing this. So we let him.
He asked his dad if he could pick out some clothes from his dads closet to wear which he does often now. It is sort of a bonding thing for them. He is so dang big he could fit a lot of Jorge's clothes that are too small at this point of our lives. HA! This was what he came up with. The suit that Jorge had custom made from Korea 10 years ago. It fit him nicely! He looked so damn handsome in it. So glad they are getting some use. Think Jorge wore them once!
 I couldn't get enough of him so I had to take another pic of him in the car on the way to school.
Going to BBQ's with friends. I am always assigned to make this. I'm kind of famous for it at this point. And I don't argue I just do.
Our friends are doing a Luau party in July and we will be missing it. So they decided we will do a test run on the roasted pic they are doing. Really its just an excuse to have another party. LOL! So this is our final party with them and a going away at the same time. Man it was yummy! Plus it is always fun and we get a little crazy after a few drinks.
Went to my friend Kathy's wedding celebration. She and her hubs eloped to Vegas but decided to have a party for the family and friends to be able to enjoy with them. Love these girls and I am so gonna miss them so much.
Chabella cheered at halftime for the San Antonio Stars Ladies basketball team. They did an amazing job. She looks so beautiful in her cheer outfit. This was her last cheering commitment.

 As crazy at it sounds we did a MUD RUN!
May 31st Gladiator Rock & Run
17 obstacle courses
3 bands
 I tried to prepare as best as I could but I was horrible. It was so hard "FOR ME" but I did it. I was literally ready to give up on the first obstacle we finished. I was thinking "how in the hell am I gonna do this? I don't think I can do this? How do I tell my group I cant go anymore? Where is the nearest exit? It is freaking HOT AS BALLS out here! Jesus help me! I think I am gonna have a heat stroke and die! Please don't let me die?" Yeah, that's what I was saying to myself. And then Jorge came behind me and really never left my side. He told me I was doing good and keep going. And then my other friend came by and asked how I was doing. I told her " I don't think I can do this!" She said "I don't think I can either!" Then we kept walking, yes walking.
Then I told myself... "ONE OBSTACLE AT A TIME!" I figured I can always quit but I will try and do one more. One after the other and another until we were at the finish line. It was not easy for me at all. I am not in the best of shape to begin with, I am the heaviest in my team but they helped me through it all. All the guys really helped us out. I don't think I could have ever done this with any group of people. Never once did my team make me feel bad for being the slowest, they always helped me out, they had encouraging words the entire time and most of all we had fun. YES! After it is said and done and looking back I HAD A GREAT TIME. I cant believe at 36 in the worst shape of my life I did it. HA! I DID IT! I did it and I am live. lol
Team so fresh and so clean, clean!
Waiting for our run to start. Nitro from American Gladiator who created this was there to start us off. He even yelled out our groups name cuz there was so many of us.
Stopped to take a group picture. This was right after we crossed the beam. And I am proud to say that I crossed it without falling. Gloria and I did. hehehehehe
 This is my fave pic of us as a group. All of us carrying this giant log and ALLAN hanging out and leaning on top of it. NICE!
Another obstacle done group pic.
Oh the last mud crawl. This baby was a pain. It was full of small rocks that grind your knees as you crawl through it. I said "OUCH" the entire time. That's me behind the guy with the black tank.
Our finish line photo. GOD I am so glad that was done. 
Our professional finish line photo including our fabulous photographers, support cheer team Carol, Vicky and my daughter Chabella. It was so nice cuz they gave her a medal too. Everyone had a little bit of injury from this day. Jorge and Lisa had the worst I think. I for one have a giant bruised in my ASS from falling on a rock after the climb of the steep hill obstacle. Man it hurts. But we did it.
And lastly, I have finally found some live blue crabs yesterday. Man oh man have I been wanting to eat me some. So yesterday I got me almost 9 lbs. and went straight home and steamed them.
Here they are getting ready for their HOT BATH! YUMMY!
 That's it for now!
Auf Wiedersehen

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