Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Some Layouts I have yet to share!

I have been scrapping but not posting. DUH! That's an understatement. Hahaha yes I am still creating layouts but have been lazy to post. Since I feel like I'm just creating for myself I didn't feel the need to share. But I think I am getting back into the swing of things with the whole blog thing I though it wouldn't hurt to post what I have been up to.
 Here are some of them. Most of them are  SCRAP LIFTED and I get tons of ideas from Shimmelle and girls from 2peas. I have really learned to just relax and scrap. Finishing my layouts I start and just not worry to much of how its gonna look. I am more concern about getting pics put in my album and most of all using this crazy amount of scrapbook stash I have been hoarding. Need to use them up!
Hope you all enjoy and inspire you to keep creating.

Oh, here is my little one (I take care of him) with the art projects we have been making. These were for November. I really need to get going on our December crafts.

Hope you enjoyed it! Have a great day.

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